Our engagement strategy is to close the social distance between University of Ottawa students and Canada’s political leadership.  This entails a number of specific initiatives, such as iVote-jeVote.ca, to encourage increased participation by youth and other underrepresented groups in the political process. 

The iVote-jeVote.ca campaign has hosted various events including:

  • Nationally televised and livestreamed debate among Thomas Mulcair (Leader, NDP and Leader of Her Majesty’s Official Opposition), Justin Trudeau (Leader, Liberal Party of Canada), Elizabeth May (Leader, Green Party of Canada) and Michael Chong (MP, Conservative Party of Canada).
  • Keynote speech by the premier of Ontario, the Honorable Kathleen Wynne, on women in politics.
  • Panel debate on democratic reform in Canada, including the Reform Act, with federal MPs.

Panel discussion on women in political operatives with Maclean’s magazine including the heads of the national NDP and Liberal campaigns as well as a former Conservative Party of Canada federal chief of staff.

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