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On this page, we provide you with databases that we have built for research or study purposes. Our aim is to encourage thinking on good practices and innovations in public administration. We hope that you will find here the resources you need to progress in your work.

Database of Applications to the IPAC ‘Award for Innovative Management’

Established in 1990, the Institute of Public Administration of Canada (IPAC) Award for Innovative Management recognizes public sector organizations that have distinguished themselves with innovations that address societal problems. Aiming to recognize and encourage innovation in all public organizations, the IPAC award also helps disseminate innovations to a wide range of public administration personnel. Nominations for the award are submitted voluntarily by various government agencies and are evaluated by a jury of practitioners and academics. This award is accessible to all public administrations in Canada, whether municipal, provincial or federal, whether it be departments, autonomous organizations or crown corporations. Nearly a hundred applications are submitted each year for a total surpassing 2,000 applications between 1990 and 2018. Among these applications, between five and ten are selected as finalists, and three (sometimes four) are awarded as winners.

Screen capture of the Database of Applications to the IPAC Award for Innovative Management

Database name:

Database of Applications to the IPAC ‘Award for Innovative Management’

Potential users:

Students and researchers interested in innovation in the public sector

What is included?

The IPAC Application Database contains examples of public sector innovations spanning more than two decades. These innovations are coded according to several schemes allowing for in-depth analysis.

Also included is a guide that provides information on data usage and coding, as well as information on maintaining the database and adding new applications. Please note that we assume some familiarity with the use of a relational database built with MS Access.

What are its uses?

The database was created to easily locate cases and to encourage statistical analyzes.

Useful information:

The database is available in two versions: a full version and a light version. The only difference between the two versions is the presence of the original application documents in the complete database. However, the full version is much larger (223 MB versus 8 MB for the light version).

Even in the full version, you will find several applications where the original application files are accompanied by an empty text file named: "_Autres fichiers disponibles - Other files available.txt ". This file is included to indicate the presence of additional files that have not been included in the database, either for lack of space or because their relevance was questionable. You can obtain access to these files by corresponding directly with the Jarislowsky Chair on Management in the Public Sector.

For more information visit the IPAC Award for Innovative Management web page.

Please contact the Jarislowsky Chair’s Coordinator at for access to the Database of Applications to the IPAC ‘Award for Innovative Management’. We would be happy to discuss with those who will use this bank to interpret the results obtained for its use.

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