AFS Interculture Canada

AFS Presentation

Please note that if you select one of the internships below, you must also submit the AFS Interculture Canada Application Form by the prescribed deadline (see important dates section)

The Medical certificate is included inside the AFS application. You must take out the medical certificate part of the applicaiton; have it completed by your doctor and submit in a sealed envelope (with your name and AFS indicated on top of envelope). If you can't submit your medical certificate by the prescribed date (see important dates section). please contact Madeleine Roy to indicate the date you expect to submit it.

Costs listed below do not include 6 credits tuition fees. They do include airline ticket, food and housing and travel insurance for the internship period.



Organization Position Language Requirements Costs
Legal Resources Center LRC Project Support Officer (2 positions) English $3700.00
Human Rights Advocacy Centre Advocacy/Research Assistant  English $3700.00


Philippines (Not available for this session)



Turkey (Not available for this session)

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