Theses and MRPs written by our Alumni

PhD Theses


Jessica Cadesky

Lifetimes, Not Project Cycles: Exploring the Long-Term Impacts of Gender and Development Programming in Northern Sri Lanka



Laura Grant

Practices of Civil-Military Relations in Complex Peace Operations: Comparative Case Study of US and Canada Provincial Reconstruction Teams in Afghanistan

Gédéon Dossou Djissa

Dépenses d’éducation et de santé et développement humain : Analyse
empirique dans des pays de l’UEMOA

Mathilde Grandgonnet

Identité, Pouvoir, et Négociations : les 'People of Indian Origin' en Afrique de l'Est

Claudia Virginia Kuzma Zabaleta

The Socio-Cultural Dimension of Territory as the Foundation for Participatory Decentralization in Uruguay and Chile

Midori Tijen Kaga

Can the refugee speak? Creating space in the humanitarian system for refugee agency and voice



Adrian Thomas Murray

Contention and Class: Social Movements and Public Services in South Africa

Laura Elizabeth Beckwith

When the Lakes are Gone: The Political Ecology of Urban Resilience in Phnom Penh

Furqan Asif 

Coastal Cambodians on the move: the interplay of migration, social well-being and resilience in three fishing communities

Shingirai Taodzera 

Nations within a state and the emerging hydrocarbon industry in Uganda

Anisia Paola Ortiz Loaiza

Taxes, state-building, and inequality in weak democratic contexts. Guatemala: Weak by design?



Yasmine Benbelaid 

Le tourisme alternatif dans les zones désertiques: Identification, et importances relatives des activités contributives à sa spécification

Begench Yazlyyev 

Analysis of development aid management in Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan: understanding donor-recipient relations in comparative perspective

Stéphanie Maltais 

La gestion résiliente des crises sanitaires dans les États fragiles. Étude de la crise d’Ebola en Guinée



Peter Szyszlo

Mapping the Borderland of the Knowledge Society: Strategic Global Partnerships and Organizational Responses of Universities in Transition

Kirsten Van Houten

Translating Interests and Negotiating Hybridity: The Contributions of Local Civil Society Organisations to Peacebuilding in South Kivu

MA Theses


Geneviève Minville

An Analysis of Post-Disaster Recovery Management in the 2016 and 2019 National Disaster Management Plans of India

Camille Cournoyer

“A Lake is More Unifying than a Common Roof”: The Mont-Orford National Park Expansion Project and Conservation Discourses at Lac-Montjoie, QC


Nicole Nicky Mahamba

Le genre et la gouvernance foncière en Afrique subsaharienne analysés suivant l’approche du « système hybride »

Edith Gaudreau-Lebel

A Gender Analysis of NGOs’ Advocacy and Program Reports with Respect to Child Marriage

Raphaëlle Godbout-Laurin

Entre discours et réalité : analyse des dysfonctionnements en matière d’accès à la justice en Haïti

Jennifer Bonti-Ankomah

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion At the University of Cape Town, South Africa: The Experience of Black Women Academics

Brianna Dasilva

Freedoms and (Un)freedoms: Migrant Worker Experiences in the Thai and Vietnamese Fishing Industries

Shannon Fournier

The Human Trafficking Crusade: A Content Analysis of Canadian Newspaper Articles

Cailean David

Community, Crowdsourcing, and Commerce: WhatsApp Groups for Agriculture in Kenya

Alexander Raransky

Foreign Investment in Ukrainian Agriculture: A Comprehensive Discussion of the Moratorium on Sale of Agricultural Land and Other Non-Economic Risks for Investors

Rebecca Dick

Wildlife Tourism and Community-Based Conservation Towards Tanzania Vision 2025

Manon De Dianous De La Perrotine

L'État, les associations et les initiatives citoyennes dans l'accueil et l'accompagnement des demandeurs d'asile : étude de cas du Morbihan en France

Janet Mcparland

The Social Functions of Memory and the International Politics of Recognition: The Case of the Armenian Genocide

Etienne Côté-Vaillant

L’enseignement des droits humains dans les lycées marocains : les objectifs et les contraintes

Lukas Van Arragon

Livelihoods Built on Sand: Exposing the Precarity of Labour in Cambodia’s Sand Extraction Industry



Sophie Corneau

Agroforesterie, modernisation agricole et modes de vie Hani : Étude d'un projet-pilote au Yunnan, Chine

Alexandra Brunet

The Role of Communities Affected by HIV/AIDS for the Protection of Children's Rights

Sophie Corneau

Agroforesterie, modernisation agricole et modes de vie Hani : Étude d'un projet-pilote au Yunnan, Chine

Meghan Potasse

Understanding perceived access barriers to contraception through an African feminist lens: a qualitative study in Uganda

Sheena Chan

Achieving Policy Coherence for Development: A Matter of Coalition Resources?



Liana Fraser

Southern Host Organizations: At the Forefront of Discussions on International Volunteerism

Courtney Sabey

Implementation of Mental Health Reform and Policy in Post-Conflict Countries: The Case of Post-Genocide Rwanda

Nuo Xu

Negotiating Belongingness in the Third Space by Exploring the Case of 1.5G Uyghur-Canadians from China

Audrey Bernard

Examining Stakeholders' Participation in the Implementation of Local Content in the Context of the East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) Project in Tanzania

Yoad Avitzur

An Island of Civility In an Ethos of Conflict: Examining Motivation, Constraint, and Social Change In Israeli-Palestinian Shared Society Peacebuilding

Norma Roumie

Consociationalism and State-Society Relations in Lebanon

Antoine Fournier

Vulnerability and Livelihood Influences of Urban Agriculture and Fruit and Vegetable Value Chains in Lebanon

Arthur Hamilton

India and Intellectual Disability: An Intersectional Comparison of Disability Rights Law and Real Needs



Liam Dunbar

An Exploration of the Salvadoran Mining Justice Movement, and of the Contributions of the Salvadoran Diaspora in Canada

Colton Brydges

Development Programming for Persons with Disabilities in Gulu, Uganda in the Context of a Disability - Poverty - Conflict Nexus

Catherine Hughes

Éducation des Sénégalaises : Moyen ou finalité à l’autonomisation ? L’impact de l’éducation sur la santé sexuelle et reproductive
MA Major Research Papers


Roheen Bhatti

A Chronological and Systematic Assessment of Sustainable Development Considerations within The United Nations' World Water Development Reports

Jamie Humphrey

Promoting Transformational Change through Women’s Economic Empowerment: Connecting Men, Masculinities, and Care Work for a More Equitable Future

Sergio Rodriguez

How has the immobility experienced by some FARC ex-combatants harmed the peacebuilding efforts in Colombia since 2016?

Similola Adekolu

The Role of Science, Technology, and Innovation Policies in the New National Development Plans: A Gender Analysis



Lui Cao

Les villes à l’ère du coronavirus: crises et innovations urbaines

Allison Leigh Clayton

Formalization of the Artisanal and Small-scale Mining Sector in the Andean Region: A Gendered Perspective

Sean Da Silva

A Balancing Act: The Challenges of Fostering Both Climate Change Mitigation Strategies and Sustainable Development Projects in Rural India

Sandra Ganou


Jordann Elizabeth Hass

Buried in Sand: Understanding Precarity in the Context of the Political and Criminal Economy in India

Lindsey Hollemeyer

Bleeding the Patriarchy: An Intersectional and Human Rights Approach to Menstruation

Nismah Iqbal

State of the Battlefield: Empowerment and Disempowerment - An Assessment of Resistance to Women’s Rights in Pakistan

Ann-Kathryne Lassegue

Etre une femme africaine sur les parcours migratoires clandestins : Entre silence et invisibilité

Shannen Gitte Maili-Mcaleer

Supporting Survivors: An Analysis of Women’s Centres on University Campuses and How They Address Gender-Based Violence and Rape Culture

John Otoo

Understanding Discourse on the Galamseyer in Ghana: A Quantitative Content Frame Analysis

Anne St-Pierre

Comment l’approche résiliente contribue à améliorer la durabilité des interventions humanitaires et de développement : Exemple du Yémen

Abigail Vandzura

Inclusive Education in El Salvador: Ensuring Quality Education and Gender Equality at the Primary Level

Mireille Mwamini Muhigwa

Les organisations des femmes à l’Est de la RD Congo : Stratégies d’appui à la résilience des femmes face aux violences des guerres et conflits armés, cas de la province du Sud-Kivu

Hellen Konyango

The role of incubators in promoting youth entrepreneurship in Kenya

Laura Meneses

Undoing Latinidad: An Intersectional Investigation into the Colonial Legacies of Latinx Representations



Najma Abdulahi Ahmed

The crisis of representation: A comparative discourse analysis of Somali and Western voices in Somali development research

Émilie-Jane Allard-Côté

The Cultural Adaptation of Health Promotion Projects in International Development

Vicky Cloutier

Social enterprises and government relationships in the agricultural sector of Sub-Saharan Africa

Bryn Copp

Nepal: Gender Equality and Social Inclusion: Avenues and Insights

Codja Laurindo De Chacus

Les relations sino-africaines : Enjeux et défis à travers l’analyse du cas sénégalais

Mylène Doiron

Accueillir des immigrant·e·s d’expression française dans les communautés de langue officielle en situation minoritaire (closm) hors québec : modalités et recommendations

Gabrielle Dubé

No “Light Footprint” in the American Drone Programme: Measuring the Gendered Impacts of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Surveillance on Local Populations in Afghanistan

Alyssa Duchesneau-Custeau

‘Theirs seemed like a lot more fun’: Favela tourism, commoditization of poverty and stereotypes of the Self and of the Other

Schaenel François

Private Sector Engagement and the National Plan for the Elimination of Cholera in Haiti

Christophe Ingeri

Towards a more effective regional integration in Africa: Improving the conditions for a successful implementation of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) through infrastructure coordination

Claire Kimana

A study of mobile technology’s impact on women entrepreneurs in Nairobi, Kenya

Gabrielle Marseille

Mapping Informal Settlements in Kenya: Implications of new technological approaches

Julie Mcclatchie

An alternative to economic efficiency: The case of water management in peri-urban Ecuador

Caroline Oloa Ndi

Femmes, leadership et développement au Cameroun: Images, perceptions et réalités

Kayla Marie Richardson

Narrative Policy Analysis in the Congo: Implications for Resource Extraction Policy

Emma Sanatani

The Role of Education in Creating Peace, Unity, and a National Identity in South Sudan

Emily Simmons

The Reproduction of Apartheid in Water Service Delivery: An Examination of South Africa’s Free Basic Water Policy



Shantel Beute

Deconstructing Gender in Myanmar’s Climate Change Policy: An Analysis of Gender Equality Language in Myanmar’s Climate Change Policy Discourse

Isabelle Fortin

L’affirmation politique des femmes hors du gouvernement : Un regard sur l’expérience rwandaise

Malitsa Bernard François

Inégalités sociales entre les Autochtones et les non-Autochtones du Canada Une compréhension basée sur l’Indice de bien-être des collectivités

Katherine Gagnon

Whose identity? Canada’s Feminist Foreign Policy: An Analysis of the construction of women in development

Meaghan Gallant

Understanding gendered preferences for Climate-Smart Agriculture adoption in Malawi

Nour Harb

The Lack of Independence of the Judiciary in Lebanon: Vulnerability of the System and Political Readiness to Interfere

Mila Kamenova

Climate finance for the most vulnerable: the role of vulnerability in Green Climate Fund (GCF) financing for adaptation

Kamila Karolinczak

The Twilight of EU Liberalism: The 2015 Migration Crisis and the Turn to the Right in Contemporary Poland

Ji in Lee

International Race for “Quality” Education: Comparative Analysis of Exam-Based and Student-Centred Approaches to Education in South Korea and Colombia

Jessica Mardo

Les raisons géoéconomiques de l'intervention politico-militaire russe en Syrie

Anna Metcalfe

Canada’s Feminist International Assistance Policy (FIAP): Consistency with feminist approaches to international development and its contribution to the SDGs

Manuelyn Peralta

Climate Justice in International Climate Change Negotiations

Rebecca Purdy

Incorporating Resilience and Sustainability in Renewable Energy Development: A Cameroon Case Study

Nicole Tainsch

PEER REVIEW PRESSURE Canadian Civil Society Use of the Universal Periodic Review to Push for Change at Home

Yurissa Varela-Melara

Megadam Resistance and the Two Solitudes of Activism: Lenca Resistance to the Agua Zarca Megadam in Honduras


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