Discover how 6 FSS Alumni are helping to reduce the socio-economic inequalities the women and youth face in the world’s most vulnerable communities

Posted on Wednesday, September 1, 2021

6 FSS Alumni: Hadija Couliba, Grace Obiang, Marlyne Kabala, Hervane Kenfack, Melody Omboli, and Djeinaba Kane, have created Diaspo Aide – a Canada-based NGO. Diaspo Aide focuses on empowering women and youth in the world’s most vulnerable communities to reduce socio-economic inequalities.

Members of the NGO

The Faculty of Social Sciences would like to congratulate and highlight our Alumni for creating an empowering organization that helps vulnerable communities.

Get to know them, their NGO, and how their time at the Faculty of Social Sciences has helped them be where they are today.

Tell us about yourselves (How did you meet the fellow alumni with whom you built this NGO)

We met during classes, and we strengthened our relationship when we were part of the University club ‘SOS Afrika’ that was also aiming at implementing humanitarian projects in Africa.

Tell us about your NGO

Diaspo aide is a registered Canada-based NGO created by 6 African women (uOttawa alumni) that focuses on empowering women and youth in the world’s most vulnerable communities to reduce socio-economic inequalities. We strongly believe that when potential meets opportunities, change can happen!

Tell us about your experience in the International Development and Globalization program at uOttawa.

Overall, it was a great experience. The program offers a rich selection of courses that allows you to develop a critical mind about what is happening in the world, it helps you understand development challenges that developing countries are facing. The program helps you conduct constructive debates and to think about solutions. It gives you knowledge and skills to pursue a career in International Development, such as strong analytical skills and cultural sensitivity.

What was the most impactful course you took in this program?

  1. Course ‘project management in International development’ Reasons – In this course we were able to have a practical experience by drafting a project from scratch. During this course, we realized that project management in international development is key to the success of any type of project.
  2. "Les enjeux du développement en Afrique" is an inspiring course that exposed us to the daily challenges faced by African populations. I will never forget the valuable time spent debating and expressing our thoughts and opinions in the classroom, which has helped me to improve my communication skills.

Who was the most impactful professor to you?

Sanni Yaya – Firstly he’s African and we could relate more easily on a personal level. Most of us spent most of our time in Canada, thus far from the African realities. Having him as a teacher helped us learn more about developmental issues in Africa. As well, he has the ability to merge he’s impressive academic background and experiences with teaching which captivates student’s attention.

Professor Samedi because of his sense of humor, skills, aptitudes, and how he was interested in bonding with each student. He didn't view us as just a number but individuals capable of accomplishing incredible things in society. He made sociology and anthropology enjoyable and memorable.

How did you link what you learned in the International Development and Globalization program to what you are doing within your NGO?

First and foremost, our university experiences gave us knowledge that inspired us to advocate for women and youth in the world’s most vulnerable communities to reduce socio-economic inequalities. The program highlighted the importance of NGO’s roles in international development, and we chose to create Diaspo Aide to play an active role and contribute to the solutions. Managing an NGO requires a lot of knowledge and skills, the program insists on the importance of partnership, funding, project management which are crucial to the NGO’s success.

How can our community help support your NGO?

Our community can help support our NGO in the following ways:

  • Become a member within the NGO by volunteering in different sectors such as administration, fundraisers, projects, marketing and other spheres of activities.
  • Follow us on social media and share the information (Instagram, Facebook)
  • Donate and participate in activities
  • Share ideas and give us feedback on how we are doing

Instagram: Diaspo_Aide – Facebook: Diaspo Aide - Email:

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