Meet your Acting Director, Lauchlan Munro

I did my studies (Where? In what?)

I did my first two degrees (BA and MA) at the University of Toronto in political science and economics. If you read my research, you may detect the influence of my UofT professors, especially Gerry Helleiner, Cranford Pratt, Jonathan Barker and Richard Stren. After my MA, I then took a pause for a decade or so and worked for UNICEF in Uganda, Zimbabwe and DR Congo before doing my PhD under David Hulme at the Institute for Development Policy and Management at the University of Manchester in the UK. I still collaborate with David, which is proof that you can do a PhD under someone and still be friends!

The best part about my job…

I love teaching. I loving watching students learn new skills, start asking better and deeper questions and grow intellectually. That I can do this in a bilingual, multicultural and multidisciplinary School in as great a city as Ottawa is a just a bonus!

What people don’t know about me…

  • As a proud son of Saskatchewan, I am a lifelong Riders fan.
  • I learned French on the beaches of western France.
  • My wife and I met on a bus in the eastern Himalaya.
  • I have what the novelist Nick Hornby once called an “unfeasibly large record collection”, mostly pre-electric blues.

The most important part of my day is…

My morning coffee. That is the only routine I have.

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