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As of September 2020, a subscription fee starting at $300 will be applied to each user (a user is a Faculty member) requesting access to the INSPIRE core facility services, which includes the following: ISPR, Qualtrics, the INSPIRE Lab, and the developing community pool. Faculty members using the INSPIRE Lab are responsible for dispersing the funds to disposable materials (e.g., electrodes, get, swabs, etc.) if applicable. They are also responsible for all programming costs should they choose to hire a programmer to organize stimulus presentation and data collection.

Research Assistants

A team of technology and research assistants are are available to help you in any way possible! There is a research assistant on site during regular business hours (9:00-4:00) in room 5074. Research assistants can help you:

1) Train new users on using our equipment and softwares

2) Learn to use equipment

3) Program your experiment with one of our softwares

4) Solve any technical issues that arise during testing

5) Book space in one of our rooms, provided your project has been approved by the director.

Hours of operation

Normal operating hours are Monday to Friday between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm. An onsite Research Assistant can be found in the RA office located in Vanier 5074 during regular business hours. However, if you have an appropriate access card, the Lab is accessible to you during regular open hours for Vanier Hall (every day from 6:00 am to 11:30 pm).



If you are interested in receiving training with regard to any aspect of using the INSPIRE facilities, we are glad to assist you. The INSPIRE team holds regular training sessions on various topics (e.g., EMG, eye-tracking, survey building using Qualtrics, etc.). If there are no upcoming sessions in the section below, or if you would prefer a more personalized training session, please contact us at and one of our Research Assistants will provide assistance.

Upcoming training sessions:

No upcoming sessions at this time. 


Self-Training Documents:

EDA/EMG Workshop April 2016 Booklet

Control Room Guidelines

Focus Group Room Guidelines


Getting Started

  1. At least one member of your research team must be affiliated with the University of Ottawa.
  2. Approval from our director, Dr. Simon Beaudry.
  3. Your project must have received a certificate of ethical approval from the University of Ottawa REB. 
  4. In collaboration with one of the INSPIRE technology & research assistants, you must organize a time to pilot your project in the lab space before running participants.
Best Practices

We have developed a step by step guide on how to successfully begin and continue running a study at INSPIRE lab. Ensuring that you follow these steps will facilitate a smooth research process.

Preparing to use the INSPIRE lab:
  • Explore what the INSPIRE lab has to offer and how it functions from a logistical point of view. You can find more information about the rooms available here, and more information about the equipment we have available here. You can also contact our research assistants at or visit us at the lab any weekday during our regular business hours.
  • Consider whether your research paradigm would benefit from the equipment at INSPIRE; although it can be quite exciting to think of using all sorts of biometric collection tools, ensure that they are pertinent and don’t simply add unnecessary complexity to your research protocol. 
  • Once you have a general idea of your research plan and how it works with the specialized hardware at the INSPIRE lab, contact the laboratory manager, Dr. Simon Beaudry to ensure that your proposed study does in fact make proper use of the equipment you wish to use, and further discuss potential avenues and\or issues. We recommend you do this prior to submitting your ethics proposal to make sure that all important points have been addressed.
  • Prepare and submit your ethics application.
  • Upon approval of the ethics for your project, contact Dr. Beaudry again to confirm your approval. At this time you can also request specific times or rooms.
Running your study at the INSPIRE lab:
  • Access Cards: Once you have your ethics approval and your approval from Dr. Beaudry, you will need an access card in order to have access to our space. You can request and pick up your access card by contacting the Research Assistants at If you have a team of volunteers and students helping you, it is best practice to share a card.
  • Reserving Rooms:  Prior to beginning testing, you will have already discussed with Dr. Beaudry your preferred times and rooms. If you need to make changes to your rooms and times, please contact us at a minimum of 2 days prior to your requested changes.
  • Technical Issues: If you experience or notice technical problems, please inform the RA on duty, even if it does not directly impact your study. This will allow us to prevent future problems and maintain a high standard of functioning in our space.
  • Respect for Other Researchers:  The INSPIRE lab is a shared facility, and we expect our users to be respectful of each other. This means being mindful of time, space, noise, and participants for other studies, as well as cleaning up after yourself when finished and shutting off lights and monitors. We expect our users to abide by the schedule and ensure that they are done with the space by the end of their allotted time to prevent delays to other researchers.
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