A team of dedicated scientists is in charge of supporting research operations at the INSPIRE Laboratory. Under the direction of the Lab’s Senior Manager, technology & research assistants are always on site to guide and train researchers who are using the facilities. Their time is mostly spent in promotion and education, maintenance and troubleshooting, as well as in administrative work. We can also put you in touch with experts in programming if the need arises. Never hesitate to ask one of our research assistants for help and guidance; they can be found in the main office at VNR5074, or reached via email at

Senior Manager

INSPIRE’s Senior Manager is Dr. Simon Beaudry; he is responsible for the management of all operational, financial, human, and scientific aspects of laboratory functioning. Dr. Beaudry is an alumnus of the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Ottawa and holds a PhD in experimental social psychology. His doctoral studies focused on the examination of human motivation in the context of relationships, healthy eating, and pro-environmental behaviour. He is now working on research projects exploring classroom motivation, the use of technology in education, and promotional health communication.

Research Assistants

  • Misha Voloaca, 6th year graduate student (PhD in Experimental Psychology); research on climate change communication, connection to nature, and well-being; expertise in the assessment of electrodermal activity and impedance cardiography.
  • Leanne Kane, 2nd year graduate student (PhD in Clinical Psychology); research on cognition and anxiety disorders; expertise in facial electromyography data collection.
  • Stephanie Jolin, 3rd  year graduate student (PhD in Clinical Psychology); research on dyadic communication and relationship satisfaction; expertise in EDA and ECG data collection and data analyses.
  • Annick Tanguay, 6th year graduate student (PhD in Experimental Psychology); research on personal semantics, episodic memory, and empathy; expertise in EEG and programming. 


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