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On this page you can discover the various rooms available for researchers and their unique abilities. Browse below to find out more about what our space has to offer! To learn more about the equipment available in our rooms, visit our Research page.

The Standard Suite
The Control Room
The Single Suite
The Eye-Tracking Suite
The Focus Group Suite

The Standard Suite


Equipped with four work stations each with both a stimulus computer and a computer to collect physiological measures, its no wonder that the standard suites are the go-to for many researchers! Sliding doors  and individual headphones allow for  distraction-free testing with up to four participants at a time. A ceiling microphone and the ability for audio input from all work stations to be combined from the control room provides many option for group communication and group tasks. These work stations can be set-up to collect physiological measures, and have pre-installed software for programming and running experiments, both with and without physiological measures.  The standard suite is “standard” for a reason; virtually any type of experiment can be catered in this space!

Control Room

As per its name, the control room is designed to give the experimenter complete control over the experiment in real-time. In a separate room from the standard suites but conntected through advanced computer systems, this set up allows for smooth testing without interruptions. From this room, experimenters can control lighting, sound, stimulus and physiological computers. Through video feeds linked to cameras installed in different areas, experimenters can also view the waiting room, each testing station and the participants to allow them to monitor the experiment as it unfolds. Finally, our advanced control station allows the experimenter full access to participant computers and includes advanced options for stimulus presentation, such as combined presentation to mutiple participants. With the control room, the possibilities are endless!

The Single Suite


The single suite is ideal for projects that require testing a single participant at a time and benefit from increased privacy and closer monitoring from the experimenter. This room has a single participant station with a stimulus computer. Like the standard suites, the stimulus computer in this room also has pre-installed experiment software for programming and running experiments. This room is also equipped with a standard table workstation that is conducive to interviewing techniques or filling out questionnaires. The single suite is a dependable suite that accommodates basic research projects without any of the frills.

Eye Tracking Suite

INSPIRE’s eye-tracking suite consists of 2 stations in a single room, attached to a separate control room. The participant stations are equipped with a single stimulus computer and a headset, as well as the equipment necessary for collecting physiological measurement and each with their own eye-tracker. As in the stations in the standard suites, these stations are fully equipped with audio/video capabilities and visual monitoring.

Focus Group Suite


This suite has a very specific function: enable the use of focus groups to enhance research designs. This room is laid out in a meeting-style seating arrangement, with a large center table and chairs surrounding it. There is seating for 6, and each seat faces a retractable computer station.  One experimenter computer controls the Smartboard as well as the other computer stations in the room. Finally, the room has audio/video capabilities and can also connect to every cube in the INSPIRE Lab for monitoring.

Focus Group User Guide

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