About the Lab

Our Mission

The INSPIRE lab aims to foster and facilitate integrative research that crosses the boundaries of traditional disciplines. The physical space is designed to increase the productivity and the efficiency of human behavioural research, while encouraging the convergence of ideas and expertise that would typically be disconnected. INSPIRE is directly linked to the mission of the Faculty of Social Sciences thanks to its contribution to advanced knowledge development and its involvement in the training of the leaders of tomorrow.

Our Vision

INSPIRE is a world-class facility that harmonizes the work of leading researchers in diverse scientific fields using the most efficient and current research technologies. Leveraging the unique interface of INSPIRE with collaborative efforts from academics, clinicians, and other professionals to create a window to scientific advancement of global impact, thus attracting the best students and faculty from across the world. The laboratory plays an active role in placing the University of Ottawa at the forefront of research at the intersection of social sciences and neuroscience.

Our History

The INSPIRE facilities were created in 2012, under the guidance of Professor Luc Pelletier, Mindware Technologies, and Premier Network Solutions. The concept of this shared research space was modeled from the Harvard Decision Science Laboratory.

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