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Amy Webb

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I am a first year student in the Clinical Psychology MA/PhD program at the University of Ottawa. I have previously completed a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology at the University of New Brunswick, in Fredericton. Additionally, I have completed an Honours Equivalency Certificate in Psychology at Saint Mary's University, in Halifax, Nova Scotia. For my honours thesis, I inverstigated how the three components of word knowledge (i.e., semantics, orthography, and pronunciation) interact in memory, by addressing semantic effects on reading/spelling with children. Although literacy is not my main area of interest in psychology, through my thesis and directed study projects, I have become increasingly interested in research design.

My background in psychology stems from evolutionary perspectives. My previous directed study projects have involved themes regarding mating strategies and Darwinian Aesthetics Theory. I have a very broad interest in human sexuality research, including topics in psychopathology, health, and dynamics of sexual/romantic relationships. In 2015/2016, I am excited to use my ecletic background of kinesiology and evolutionary psychology to establish a domain, within human sexuality research, to perform my doctorial research in years to come. 

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