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A.-Rose Robbins

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Anne-Rose Bouaziz


I am currently a senior doctoral student in the Clinical Psychology Program at the University of Ottawa, where I also completed an Honours BA with specialization in psychology. My honours thesis examined the mediating effect of commitment goals on the relationship between romantic attachment and couple satisfaction. I also worked on validating a well-established self-report measure, the Caregiving Questionnaire, with a population of individuals involved in same-sex couple relationships. Although I continue to be very interested in couple dynamics and romantic attachment, women's sexual health constitutes my predominant research interest.

My doctoral thesis focuses on the impact of body image, both positive and negative, on sexual functioning across the female lifespan. I am particularly interested in the unique experience of midlife women, who are faced with increased appearance-related changes as they go through menopause. Using an Objectification Theory framework, I examine midlife women's relation to their body, such as the importance they allot to appearance vs. functionality, and in turn, how this may impact their sexual health. Furthermore, I am interesting in shedding light on the potential antecedents to body image dissatisfaction, such as the internalisation of thin and young ideals of beauty, traditional gender roles, climacteric symptom severity, and age. What are some protective factors to negative body image in midlife? Conversely, who will be more likely to undergo cosmetic surgeries (e.g., botox injections) or adopt extreme dieting strategies as coping mechanisms? Lastly, can these attempts at «stopping time» lead to detachment from one's body, including from the physiological responses associated with sexual arousal and pleasure?

So far, I have been teaching assistant for the following courses: Introduction to Psychology (PSY1101-PSY1102), Psychology of Women (PSY3521), Biological Foundations of Behaviour (PSY2701), Psychological Factors in the Workplace (PSY4581), Family Psychology (PSY3523), Personality (PSY3303), and Seminars in Human Sexual Behaviour (PSY4522). Moreover, I am regularly invited to teach a guest lecture on Attachment theory and sexuality for Human Sexual Behaviour (PSY3522).


Bouaziz (Robbins), A.-R., Lafontaine, M.-F., Gabbay, N., & Caron, A. (2013). Investigating the validity and reliability of the Caregiving Questionnaire with individuals in same-sex couple relationships. Journal of Relationships Research,4, e2. doi: 10.1017/jrr.2013.2

Dandurand, C., Bouaziz (Robbins), A.-R., & Lafontaine, M.-F (2013). Attachment and couple satisfaction: The mediating effect of approach and avoidance commitment. Journal of Relationships Research, 4, e3. doi: 10.1017/jrr.2013.3

Conference Presentations

Bouaziz (Robbins), A.-R., Reissing, E. D., & Bell, S. (October, 2014). Mirror, Mirror: Investigating body appreciation and sexual health in women across the lifespan. Canadian Sex Research Forum (CSRF), Kingston, Ontario.

Priede, A., Bouaziz (Robbins), A.-R., Darzi, C., & Reissing, E. (October, 2014). Priorities and barriers to sexual expression in long-term care facilities: Will current institutional practices meet future residents' sexual needs and expectations?Canadian Sex Research Forum (CSRF), Kingston, Ontario.

Bell, S., Reissing, E. D., & Bouaziz (Robbins), A.-R. (October, 2014). Ebb and flow:The fluidity of sexual satisfaction across the lifespan from the perspectives of women 50+. Canadian Sex Research Forum (CSRF), Kingston, Ontario.

Bouaziz (Robbins), A.-R., Reissing, E. D., & Bell, S. (September, 2012). Intimacy needs in long-term care facilities for older adults: What we know and where to go from here. Paper presented at the 39th annual meeting of the Canadian Sex Research Forum (CSRF), Ottawa, Ontario.

Bell, S., Reissing, E. D., Henry, L., Bouaziz (Robbins), A.-R., & Wilson, A. (September, 2012). Factors associated with sexual activity in older adults: Current knowledge and future directions. Poster presented at the 39th annual meeting of the Canadian Sex Research Forum (CSRF), Ottawa, Ontario.

Lafontaine, M.-F., Bouaziz (Robbins), A.-R., Gabbay, N., & Caron, A. (July, 2012). Investigating the validity and reliability of the Caregiving Questionnaire with individuals in same-sex couple relationships. Poster presented at the Annual Conference for the International Association for Relationship Research (IARR), Chicago, Illinois.

Bouaziz (Robbins), A.-R., Dandurand, C., & Lafontaine, M.-F. (June, 2011). Mediation effects of approach and avoidance commitments on the relation between adult romantic attachment and dyadic adjustment. Poster presented at 72nd Annual Convention for the Canadian Psychological Association (CPA), Toronto, Ontario.

Professional Affiliations

2014 - Present International Academy of Sex Research (IASR)

2010 - Present Canadian Psychological Association (CPA)

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