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Angela Priede

Angela Priede


I am PhD. student in the Clinical Psychology program at the University of Ottawa. I completed a BA with honours in Psychology at St. Thomas University. For my honours thesis I investigated women’s experiences of feigning sexual pleasure. Specifically, this research employed qualitative measures to explore the ways in which women account for feigning orgasm/pleasure when engaging in consensual sexual encounters.

While my research interests in the area of human sexuality are broad, I am particularly interested in sexuality as it pertains to individuals in later life. Some specific areas of interest include psychological, social, cultural, and relational factors that influence later-life sexual functioning, as well as institutional barriers to sexual expression in later life. As such, my doctoral research will focus on the factors that inform older adults’ expectations for sexual expression within the long-term care context. It will also aim to shed light on the barriers and supports that are in place to address these anticipated needs and expectations.

In line with my interests, I have worked as a teacher’s assistant for the following courses: Human Sexual Behaviour (Psy3122), Advanced Studies in Human Sexual Behaviour (Psy4122), and Women and Mental Health (Seminar, Psy4433). I have also worked as a research assistant, under the direction of the Canada Research Chair for Qualitative Research, investigating the life experiences of older widows.

Conference Presentations

Priede, A., Bouaziz, R., Darzi, C., & Reissing, E. (2014, October). Institutional Policies and Practices Regarding Aging Residents’ Sexual Expression in Long-term Care: Staff Perceptions. Poster presented at the Canadian Sex Research Forum, Kingston, Ontario.

Priede, A., Stelzl, M., & Lafrance, M. (2013, October). Counterfeiting Orgasm: Women’s Experiences of Pretending Sexual Pleasure. Poster presentation presented at the Canadian Sex Research Forum, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.

Priede, A. (2013, May). He came, She feigned. Paper presented at the Science Atlantic Psychology Conference,St. Mary’s University, Halifax, N.S.

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