Research Activities

Every day, we adopt a variety of different behaviours. These behaviours include regulating what we eat, managing our time effectively and participating in physical activities, as well as more constant activities such as controlling our emotions and regulating our relationships with the people that surround us. Research focusing on the theoretical principles of self-regulation and the application of these principles to particular problems has experienced considerable growth over the past years. In the context of our research activities at the University of Ottawa, we take inspiration from some of this research, contemporary theories of the self-regulation of human behaviour and our own ideas to explain on the one hand, how people regulate their behaviours and integrate a wide variety of behaviours into their life; and on the other hand, why people sometimes fail in their attempts to regulate their actions despite being highly motivated.

We are interested in questions like:

  • How do types of regulation develop?
  • What kinds of consequences are they associated with?
  • Why do some individuals have objectives that are well integrated, while others have objectives that conflict?
  • Why do we sometimes fail to attain objectives for which we are highly motivated?
  • How does an individual regulate his/her own motivation?

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