The Human Motivation Research Laboratory (HMRL) of the School of Psychology, University of Ottawa, is directed by Luc G. Pelletier. The laboratory commenced its activities in September 1989 as a research unit within the School of Psychology. It is made up of researchers in training who share a common interest in the study of theoretical and applied aspects of human motivation and the self-regulation of behaviour.


The principal goal of the HMRL is to promote the research and development of theoretical and applied knowledge in the fields of human motivation and the self-regulation of human behaviours. In accordance with this goal, the laboratory’s activities can be divided into three sectors that correspond to the following specific objectives: 

  • Research and publication: promote lab and field research on human motivation, both within our laboratory and in collaboration with other researchers who share a similar interest for the study of the self-regulation of human behaviour; encourage the publication of manuscripts that report the results of these research activities.
  • The training of researchers: train students interested in research on human motivation and the study of the self-regulation of human behaviour. Training can be aimed at preparing graduate students for research careers in academic or applied domains, or at introducing undergraduate students to research in the context of an honours thesis. 
  • The development of a network of researchers: contribute to the development of a national and international network of researchers interested in research on the self-regulation of human behaviours. More specifically, this network aims to promote multidisciplinary research on theoretical and applied aspects of specific themes (for example, health-related behaviours such as nutrition and physical activity; pro-environmental behaviours); to promote student exchanges to other research laboratories in the context of doctoral and post-doctoral studies; and to offer the possibility of partaking in a research placement at another institution.
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