Members of the Health Policy Research Group

From left to right: Catherine Deri Armstrong, Victoria Barham, Abel Brodeur, Myra Yazbek, Peter Tanesputro and Rose Anne Devlin

Thus far, our research group has ten committed members – from two different faculties at uOttawa, from two external universities, and from one hospital-based research unit. Overall, we span three major disciplines – economics, law and medicine – and several sub-areas within economics. There are five members of the Department of Economics, uOttawa (Rose Anne Devlin, Vicky Barham, Abel Brodeur, Catherine Deri Armstrong, Myra Yazbek); one from the Faculty of Law, uOttawa (Colleen Flood), one from the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute (Peter Tanesputro), two from the Toulouse School of Economics, Université de Toulouse (Helmuth Cremer and Catarina Goulao), and one member from the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, the University of Western Ontario (Sisira Sarma).

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