Research Network on Public Management and Governance

Research Network on Public Management and Governance

Current economic, societal and technological transformations are changing management and governance practices in the public sector. The Research Network on Public Management and Governance seeks to understand external influences and rethink public sector theories and practices at all levels: local, regional and central. As the function of governments changes and new actors play a greater role in the delivery of public services and goods, it is important to look at the evolving arrangements between governmental and non-governmental actors. At the same time, expectations of governments are increasing in response to current and future challenges and it is important to explore innovative management and governance models that maintain relevance, effectiveness and efficiency of public organizations.





Student Researchers

Selected Publications and Activities

Blouin-Genest, Gabriel, Nathalie Burlone, Eric Champagne, Carl Eastin & Claire Ogaranko (2021) Translating COVID-19 emergency plans into policy: A comparative analysis of three Canadian provinces, Policy Design and Practice,

Blouin-Genest, G., Burlone, N., Champagne, E., Généreux, M., Torres Orozco, N. and Bogic, A., WHO Global Response to COVID-19: Communicating Risk / Risky Communication, Rapid Results Report Phase 1: December 31, 2019 to January 31, 2020, Centre on Governance Working Paper Series, No. 01/20/EN, 27 p. (2020),

Champagne, Eric, Francis Gaudreault, Moira Hart-Poliquin, Results, Adaptability, Capacity and Engagement: Narrowing the Implementation Gap, Centre on Governance Working Paper Series, Octobre 2020No. 03/20/EN, 24 p. (2020),

Généreux, Mélissa, Marc D David, Tracey O’Sullivan, Marie-Ève Carignan, Gabriel Blouin-Genest, Olivier Champagne-Poirier, Éric Champagne, Nathalie Burlone, Zeeshan Qadar, Teodoro Herbosa, Kevin Hung, Gleisse Ribeiro-Alves, Horacio Arruda, Pascal Michel, Ron Law, Alain Poirier, Virginia Murray, Emily Chan, Mathieu Roy, Communication strategies and media discourses in the age of COVID-19: an urgent need for action, Health Promotion International, Volume daaa136, 1-8 (Oxford Academic, Royaume-Uni, Décembre 2020),

Généreux, Mélissa, Philip J. Schluter, Kevin KC Hung, Chi Shing Wong,Catherine Pui Yin Mok, Tracey O’Sullivan, Marc D. David, Marie-Eve Carignan, Gabriel Blouin-Genest, Olivier Champagne-Poirier, Éric Champagne, Natalie Burlone, Zeeshan Qadar, Teodoro Herbosa, Gleisse Ribeiro-Alves, Ronald Law, Virginia Murray, Emily Ying Yang Chan, Nathalie Pignard-Cheynel, Sébastien Salerno, Grégoire Lits, Leen d’Haenens, De Coninck, Koenraad Matthys and Mathieu Roy, One virus, four continents, eight countries: an interdisciplinary and international study on the psychosocial impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic among adults, International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, Volume 17, Numéro 22 (Suisse, Novembre 2020),

Champagne, Eric and Cooper Martin, The Localization of the Global Agendas: the North American Chapter, United Cities and Local Governments, Nombre de pages: 443 (Décembre 2019),

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Champagne E., Les programmes d'infrastructures municipales du gouvernement fédéral : une analyse de la gouvernance multiniveau au Canada, Revue Télescope, Volume Vol. 19, No. 1, pp. 43-61 (ÉNAP, 2013),

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