Global Governance

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The world is rapidly changing before our eyes. These transformations are complex, profound and largely interrelated. The way in which communities, societies and the world have thought about and organized themselves in the past are no longer adequate to respond effectively to the global challenges facing human communities. This is particularly the case for global health issues, international migration, climate change management, control of natural resources, “soft power” policies or the coexistence of nationalisms. The Centre on Governance at the University of Ottawa strives to be a forum for study and understanding of these transformations in order to foster the emergence of actions consistent with this understanding. The Global Governance research network therefore focuses on the transformation of governance in the context of globalization while seeking to understand and improve the coordination of governmental and non-governmental actors (private sector and civil society), regulation, and interstate regulation.



  • Sylvie Paquerot, Professor, School of Political Studies, University of Ottawa


  • Pôle intégré de recherche Environnement, Santé et Société (PIRESS), University of Sherbrooke
  • Réseau d'étude sur la Globalisation, la Gouvernance Internationale et les Mutations de l'État et des Nations (REGIMEN)
Selected Publications and Activities

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S. Paquerot, Chapitre 3 “The Right to Water: The Political Function of Human Rights as an Expression of the Contradictions in Globalization” dans l’ouvrage collectif codirigé avec Gabriel Blouin-Genest et Marie-Christine Doran, Human rights as battlefields: changing practices and contestations, Palgrave, 2018: pp. 53-75.


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