The Centre on Governance Research Excellence Scholarship

The Centre on Governance Research Excellence Scholarship aims to support research by student members of the Centre on Governance by providing financial support and encouraging students to write academic articles and to participate in academic conferences.

The support is provided in the form of a research scholarship in the maximum amount of $2,000 for the preparation of an academic article and for participation in an academic conference. The amount of $1,500 of the scholarship is intended to support the writing of an academic article, and the remaining $500 is intended to support participation in a conference (registration fees, travel and accommodation costs). This scholarship does not preclude students from seeking other sources of funding for conference participation offered by the University or other funding sources.

The number of scholarships offered depends on the funds available each year. Since the scholarship is offered on a competitive basis, you are encouraged to include a mention of the scholarship on your CV (awards and academic distinctions section). Scholarship recipients will be announced and their names listed on the website of the Centre on Governance.

The scholarship recipients will be invited to participate and present their research at an event organized by the Centre on Governance.

The scholarship program supports individual proposals but also encourages articles written in collaboration with the student’s supervisor or with a co-author.

Criteria and conditions:

The following criteria apply to the scholarship competition:

  • The applicant must be a student member of the Centre on Governance.
  • The applicant must be enrolled either in a PhD or a Master’s program.
  • The articles must be in an area of research associated with at least one of the Research Axes housed by the Centre on Governance.
  • Priority will be given to PhD students who have completed the course component of their program. However, PhD students currently completing their coursework and Master’s students are also eligible.
  • We will be taking into account the distribution of proposals across the Research Axes

The following are examples of conferences (others are also possible):

The competition is announced to students who are members of the Center for Governance Studies in October of each year.

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