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Study at the School of Political Studies (Public Administration or Political Science)

The Centre on Governance is associated with the Faculty of Social Sciences and the School of Political Studies. With 48 regular professors and more than 50 other associate or part-time faculty members, the School of Political Studies is one of the largest departments dedicated to political science and public administration in Canada and around the world

Whether you are interested in one of the concentrations offered at the School or one of the multidisciplinary programs in international studies and modern languages or public administration, the School of Political Studies surely has the right one for you whether at the undergraduate or graduate level.

In addition, the University of Ottawa boasts one of the most competitive financial support programs in Canada. Canadian and permanent residents graduate students with an admission average of 8.0 or higher are eligible for a generous admission scholarship. To get an idea of the scholarships you may qualify for, consult the uOttawa Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies "Awards and financial support" page.

If you wish to pursue your master's and doctorate studies in one of the axes of the Centre on Governance, please consult directly with the directors of the Centre's research axes:

  • Research Network on Public Management and Governance
    Director: Professor Eric Champagne
    Affiliate professor: Professor Christopher Cooper
  • Cultural Policy Research Network
    Director: Professor Jonathan Paquette
    Affiliate professor: Professor Christopher Gunter
  • Urban and Territorial Governance
    Director: Professor Anne Mévellec
    Affiliate professors: Professor Eric Champagne, Professor Guy Chiasson, Professor Gauthier Mario and Professor Jean Mari Cishahayo.
  • Social Policy Research Network
    Director: Professor Nathalie Burlone
    Affiliate professors: Professor Daniel Béland, Professor Mélanie Bourque and Professor Raymond Tatalovich
  • Governance and Public Finance
    Director: Professor Geneviève Tellier
    Affiliate professors: Professor Laure Célérier, Professor Mélina De Souza, Professor Peter Dietsch, Porfessor Lyne Latulippe, Professor Marc Leroy, Professor Philippe Liger-Belair, Professor David Robichaud, Professor Jean-François Tremblay, Professor Antoine Genest-Grégoire, Professor Fabrice Bin and Professor Helaina Gaspar
  • Research Network on University Governance
    Director: Professor Christian Rouillard
    Affiliate professors: Professor Emilie Bernier, Professor Dalie Giroux, Professor Dimitrios Karmis
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