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The Governance Innovation Lecture Series is an initiative from the University of Ottawa’s Centre on Governance, Faculty of Social Sciences. The main objective of the series is to create a space for thinking about innovative solutions to address contemporary problems and challenges faced by governments. Senior Fellows, visiting researchers and faculty associated with the Centre on Governance will be the first asked to contribute to the series. The series focus on applied, concrete and targeted innovations and will aim at fostering dialogue between the academic, the government and the non-governmental sectors. The selected governance innovations should focus on public governance, public management, and public policy along with relationships between the government, the private sector and civil society in public policy design and public service delivery. The target audience is the academic community, civil servants, public and non-profit actors and the general public.

Co-directors of the series:

Eric Champagne (echampagne@uOttawa.ca)
Caroline Andrew (candrew@uOttawa.ca)

Upcoming Events

The Governance Innovation Lecture Series: The Centre on Governance is pleased to invite you to participate in a conference by Andrew Donaldson Acting Head of Government Technical Advisory Centre (GTAC), National Treasury, South Africa, entitled “Enabling Growth: Redistribution Priorities for South Africa”.

Andrew Donaldson will present some of his ideas related to growth and redistribution in South Africa. If the South-African National Development Plan 2030 is to be effectively implemented, South-Africa will need clarity about the mechanisms through which growth and redistribution can be jointly advanced. Priorities include social security reform and quality improvements in social services, urban development, housing and public-transport investment. Expanding employment opportunities is the most pressing challenge, requiring policies that might include: support for labour-intensive industry and agriculture, small enter-prise and informal sector development, well-targeted skills programmes, and wage or employment subsidies. Recognising the complementarity between redistributive and growth-enhancing measures is essential.

Date: Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Time: 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM

Where: University of Ottawa Campus, 120 University, Room FSS 4004

This is a free public conference. Registration is not required. For more information, please contact: ceg-cog@uOttawa.ca, or refer to the official poster for Enabling Growth: Redistribution Priorities for South Africa. This event will be presented in English only.

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