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The Centre on Governance welcomes visiting scholars from Canada or other countries that wish to pursue a research visits on one of the priorities themes of the Centre on Governance. The Centre on Governance may, depending to availability, provide access to an office, University library services and Internet services. The Centre encourages researchers to participate in the many conferences organized by the Faculty of social sciences and to establish contacts with professors and other members of the Centre's research. The candidates must have raised enough funds to cover the costs of travel and accommodation and must also have been recommended by a member of the Centre on Governance acting as resource-person. For more information, please first visit the Centre’s research axe page and consult with one of the research directors.

The candidates must have raised enough funds to cover the costs of travel, accommodation and visa. The University of Ottawa offers financing opportunities for welcoming international visiting scholars. We welcome you to consider these opportunities in the preparation of your stays.



Fulbright Canada Visiting Research Chairs for American Researchers

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Visiting Student Researcher (VSR) Program




María Verónica Elías, PhD. is assistant professor of public administration at the University of Texas, San Antonio. She is the 2022-2023 Fulbright Canada Research Chair in Governance and Public Administration, with the University of Ottawa’s Center on Governance. Her research interests lie in the areas of public administration theory and epistemology, participatory governance processes, policy and governance of the US-Mexico borderlands, and Canadian border policy implementation and management. She has recently published in the Journal of Borderland Studies, Administration & Society, Critical Policy Studies, Revue Gouvernance, Public Administration Quarterly, and Journal of Community Practice, among other outlets. During her Fulbright Canada Research Chair Position, she plans to investigate border management in Canada in times of the COVID 19 pandemic through the study of policy stakeholders’ narratives.




Goktug Morcol is a visiting professor and a Fulbright Canada Research Chair in Governance and Public Administration at the Centre on Governance, the University of Ottawa. His home institution is the Pennsylvania State University at Harrisburg. He has authored, edited, or co-edited 8 books: Complex governance networks (Routledge, forthcoming), Challenges to democratic governance in developing countries (Springer, 2014); A complexity theory for public policy (Routledge, 2012); Business improvement districts (CRC Press, 2008); Complexity and policy analysis (ISCE Publishing, 2008); Handbook of decision making (CRC Press, 2007); A new mind for policy analysis (Praeger, 2002); and New sciences for public administration and policy (Chatelaine Press, 2000). His articles have appeared in journals such as Public Administration Review, Administration and Society, Policy Sciences, Public Administration Quarterly, Politics and Policy, International Journal of Public Administration, Journal of Urban Affairs, Urban Affairs Review, , Administrative Theory and Praxis, and Emergence. He served as the first chair of the Section on Complexity and Network Studies of the American Society for Public Administration and the founding editor-in-chief of the journal Complexity, Governance & Networks. He is an editorial board member of Complexity, Governance & Networks, the International Journal of Public Administration and Public Organization Review.





Howard P. Greenwald, Ph.D., has research interests in public policy, health services, evaluation, public opinion, and organizational management. He in a professor at the Sol Price School research of Public Policy at the University of Southern California (USC). Formerly, he held positions at the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business and Battelle Memorial Institute.  He has received Fulbright Canada fellowships at the University of Alberta, Edmonton, and University of Ottawa. He is a graduate of the University of Chicago (B.A.) and the University of California, Berkeley (Ph.D., Sociology).  


Books include: The United States Health Care System: Organization, Management, and Policy (Second Edition, Jossey-Bass, 2022), Organizations: Management Without Control (Sage, 2008), and Health For All: Making Community Collaboration Work (Health Administration Press, 2003). His book, Who Survives Cancer? (University of California Press, 1992), reports the results of a long-term survival study. Other work includes articles in Administrative Science Quarterly, Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory (J-PART), Public Administration Review, Journal of the American Public Health Association, Milbank Memorial Fund Quarterly, and a number of medical journals. 

During his term as Fulbright Canada Research Fellow at the University of Ottawa, Dr. Greeenwald looks forward to extending his earlier research in British Columbia and Alberta on Canada’s health care system.  He is particular interested in management challenges and best practices in Canada Medicare, system governance, public opinion about the system, practices and options regarding pharmaceuticals, and issues related to access and outcomes. He hopes to provide guidance to advocates of a publicly funded system in the United States and share innovations in the United States with Canadian policymakers and practitioners





Lauren Touchant


Lauren Touchant is a PhD in Public Administration Graduate from the School of Political Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Ottawa. She is currently a Postdoctoral Fellow with the Centre for Environmental Law and Global Sustainability and the Centre on Governance, and the recipient of the Alex Trebek Scholarship. She is also a 2016-2019 Vanier Scholar. Her thesis focused on how municipalities elaborate policy instruments within municipal networks in environmental and energy governance in Canada and the United States. She explored three primary networks: Partners for Climate Protection, managed by the Canadian Federation of Municipalities; Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiatives; and QUEST Canada. Lauren's research interests are: Climate, Environmental, and Energy policy and governance, the Arctic, and Emergency Preparedness and disaster management.




To carry out a research stay at the Centre on Governance, Brahim Belacel is the recipient of a residential scholarship abroad (PNE) from the algerian ministry of higher education and scientific research. His research interests include public finance reform, good governance, budget transparency, public accounting and public policy development. He has been teaching since 2016 at the higher school of management and digital economy (HSMDE) in Algeria, where he is a lecturer in corporate taxation and general economics. Brahim spent six (06) years working in the Algerian ministry of finance, first as a divisional inspector of the treasury, accounting and insurance, then as project and studies officer in the services of the treasury department of the State of the General Directorate of the Treasury. He was also an assistant Professor class "B" for two (02) years at the Faculty of law and political science of the University M'Hamed Bougara de Boumerdès in Algeria, while defending the multidisciplinary and the confrontation of the human and social sciences (political sciences, public administration, economics, finance, law ...). Brahim holds a bachelor's degree in economics and political science from the University of Algiers 3, a doctorate in law and public finance management from the University of Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne and a master's degree in economics and political science of the University of Algiers 3. He is preparing a second thesis in political science at the University of Algiers 3 on the reform of the budgetary system in Algeria under the co-supervision of Professor Geneviève Tellier of the School of Political Studies of the University of Ottawa. He was previously selected for a research and development internship at the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Arab Monetary Fund (AMF) and at the Center for European Studies at Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University.


Oliver Kim

Oliver J. Kim is the recipient of a Fulbright Scholar award and brings nearly two decades of experience in law, health policy, and policy-making. He teaches as part of the “Semester in DC” program for the University of Pittsburgh, where he has appointments with the university’s law school and graduate school of public and international affairs. Oliver spent a decade working in the United States Senate, first as a senior advisor to a U.S. Senator during the debate over the Affordable Care Act and then as the deputy director for the Senate Special Committee on Aging. He also served as the legislative director for Planned Parenthood Federation of America, providing guidance on the Affordable Care Act while defending the organization from legislative attacks on its ability to provide healthcare. Oliver has a BA in English and history from Indiana University at Bloomington, a JD from the University of Minnesota, and an LLM from Georgetown University. He has presented internationally and been published on aging, health equity, reproductive health, and the role of technology in healthcare. He was selected for an Endeavour fellowship from the Australian government, the Woodrow Wilson foreign policy fellowship,the Academy Health Health Policy in Action award, and the American Council of Young Political Leaders’ political exchange program.

Selected Publications:


Eleonora Redaelli

Eleonora Redaelli is Associate Professor at University of Oregon (UO). Originally from Italy, she studied at University degli Studi di Milano and at Conservatorio Giuseppe Verdi. After working for public and private institutions in the cultural sector in Italy, she received her PhD from The Ohio State University. She coordinated and taught in the Arts Management program at University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point and joined the University of Oregon in 2013. She has been visiting scholar at Tshwane University of Technology, Pretoria, South Africa, and visiting professor at several institutions such as American University (Rome), Shandong University (Jinan, China), and University of International Business and Economics (Beijin). Her works appear in the International Journal of the Arts in Society, City, Culture and Society, Urban Affairs Review, Cultural Trends, Journal of Planning Education and Research, Urban Geography, Journal of General Education, and Cities. With Palgrave she published “Arts Management and Cultural Policy Research” (2016), co-authored with Jonathan Paquette, and recently “Connecting Arts and Place. Cultural Policy and American Cities“ (2019). In 2019, UO recognized the impact of her scholarship conferring her the prestigious Faculty Excellence Award.

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