Congratulations to FSS recipients of tri-council funding in 2020

Posted on Tuesday, September 8, 2020

SSHRC Insight Grants

Projects in English
  • Rita Abrahamsen, Public and International Affairs
    "Global Right, Global White:Transnational Radical Conservatism and South Africa"
  • Jacqueline Best, Political Studies
    "Varieties of ignorance in economic policymaking"
  • Steven Bittle, Criminology
    "Corporate Corruption in Canada"
  • Abel Brodeur and Roland Pongou, Economics
    "Family, Fertility and Female Economic Empowerment"
  • Kelly Bronson, Sociology and Anthropology
    "Diversity by design: Using qualitative social science to drive inclusion and sustainability in agricultural innovation"
  • Anthony Heyes, Economics
    "Heat and the Indian Economy: A Study with Three Components"
  • Thomas Juneau, Public and International Affairs
    "Neoclassical realism and American foreign policy in the Middle East"
  • Ryan Katz-Rosene, Political Studies
    "Unravelling the growth-environment paradox: Sustainability discourses for the Anthropocene"
  • Maral Kichian and Christoph Zuercher, Public and International Affairs
    "Out of fragility - when, how and why fragile states recover"
  • Louis-Philippe Morin, Economics
    "Can Selective Universities Promote Social Mobility?"
  • Roland Paris, Public and International Affairs
    "Competing Sovereignty Discourses in Contemporary World Politics"
  • Daniel Stockemer, Political Studies
    "Youths without representation: The presence of young politicians in parliaments and cabinets around the world"
Projects in French
  • Nathalie Burlone, Political Studies
    "Construire et reconstruire l'aide médicale à mourir au Canada: une entrée par la pratique"
  • Jean-François CauchiePatrice Corriveau and Isabelle Perreault, Criminology
    "Au-delà de la vie : comprendre le geste suicidaire des Québé à partir de leurs lettres d'adieu (1919-2021)"
  • Joseph De Koninck, Psychology
    "Evaluation des théories scientifiques et croyances populaires sur les relations entre les rêves et la vie éveillée"
  • Abdoulaye Gueye, Sociology and Anthropology
    "Devenir 'noir" en France: le processus de reconnaissance d'un groupe racial"
  • Simon Lapierre, Social Work
    "Exposition à la violence conjugale, relation père-enfant et processus de réparation"
  • Jonathan Paquette, Political Studies
    "Patrimoine et décolonisations au sein de l'espace culturel francophone"
  • Manon Tremblay, Political Studies
    "Des institutions d'État dédiées aux enjeux LGBTQ"

SSHRC Insight Development Grants

(All projects are in English)
  • Isabelle Boutet and Charles Collin, Psychology
    "Do emojis work? Assessing whether emojis can be used to effectively communicate social and emotional information"
  • Jonathan Créchet, Economics
    "Human capital spillovers across occupations"
  • Lauchlan Munro, International Development and Global Studies
    "Science, Technologie and Innovation in the New National Planning"
  • Lilian Negura, Social Work
    "Social representations of immigrants from multi voice and multi agent institutional policies driven discourses and their echoes in the media: a comparative analysis between Canada and Italy"
  • Allison Ouimet, Psychology
    "Towards a culturally informed understanding of emotion regulation: Knowledge synthesis and international expert consensus"
  • Christopher Zuercher, Public and International Affairs
    "From "Women" to "Peace" Understanding Causal Relations in the Women, Peace and Security (WPS) Agenda"

SSHRC Partnership Development Grant

  • Simon Lapierre, Social Work
    "Parental alienation and domestic violence: International partnership for innovative strategies"
  • Benjamin Zyla,
    "Peacebuilding and Local Knowledge Network (PLKN)"

SSHRC Partnership Engage Grants

Projects in English
  • Thomas Juneau, Public and International Affairs
    "The COVID-19 pandemic and its implications for the Canadian national security and intelligence community"
  • Geoff McCarney, International Development and Global Studies
    "COVID-19: Agile Regulation for Post-COVID-19 Clean Innovation, Recovery and Growth in Canada"
  • Justin Piché, Criminology
    "Prison Pandemic Partnership"
Project in French
  • Simon Lapierre, Social Work
    "Violence conjugale et pandémie de COVID-19 : assurer la sécurité des victimes tout en limitant la
    propagation du virus

NSERC Discovery Grants

(All projects are in English)
  • Nafissa Ismail, Psychology
    "Mechanisms of age- and sex-specific stress and immune reactivity"
  • Zul Merali, Psychology
    "Impact of natural biologics on the stress response: relationship between fear and appetitive brain circuits"
  • Hélène Plamondon, Psychology
    "Sex-specific effects of N-3 PUFA supplementation on brain plasticity in the developing brain"


(All projects are in English)
  • Ivy Lynn Bourgeault - Sociology and anthropology
    "COVID-19 Mental Health & Substance Use Service Needs and Delivery" & "Healthy Professional/Knowledge Workers: Examining the Gendered Nature of Mental Health Issues, Leaves of Absence and Return to Work Experiences from a Comparative Perspective"
  • Cary Kogan, Psychology
    "Longitudinal impact of COVID-19 on clinical practice and well-being of global mental health professionals"
  • Rébecca Robillard, Psychology
    "How has the COVID-19 pandemic impacted the mental and physical health of Indigenous people in Canada: Taking stock of
    challenges, needs and factors of resilience in the context of a global crisis"
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