Faculty program recipients

Posted on Thursday, June 17, 2021

The Faculty of Social Sciences provides numerous funding opportunities for the research community. We are pleased to announce the recipients of the Faculty funding programs that closed on April 15.

Knowledge Mobilization Program

This program provides funding to support faculty researchers in a wide range of knowledge mobilization activities. A total of $22,300 has been awarded to the projects listed below.

  • Brieg Capitaine – Sociology and Anthropology
    Produce two podcast episodes to showcase and disseminate the knowledge acquired through research on the Canadian extreme right on the Internet.
  • Stéphanie GarneauResearch Collective on Migration and Racism (COMIR)
    Writing, publishing, and promoting two open access volumes on the intersection of migration, racism, and colonization in times of crisis.
  • Cary Kogan – Psychology
    Publishing a book which reviews the latest evidence on clinical supervision and concrete recommendations for French-speaking mental health professionals on developing clinical supervision skills.
  • Sandra Lehalle – Criminology
    Creation of a bilingual website that would serve as a space for resources, communication and knowledge sharing between people whose loved one is incarcerated in Canada.
  • Sophie Lebel – Psychology
    Review and update a workshop and its accompanying manual on cognitive-existential intervention to treat fear of cancer recurrence.

Research Group Program

This program supports collaborations among Faculty researchers to facilitate the acquisition of external grants, work collaboratively on a shared problem or challenge, or toward a particular objective. Two new research groups will be financed over the next two years for a total investment of $40,000.

  • Julie Laplante – Sociology et anthropology
    The Planthropolab was initiated in the fall of 2020 by a group of students interested in human-plant relations and invites undergraduate students, graduate students, and professors working and researching plants and vegetal life to share their experiences and research.
  • Peter Jones – International and Public Affairs
    Conflict Resolution in Canada/Turtle Island: this research group aims to build a collaborative research network that consists of Indigenous and non-Indigenous scholars interested in forms of conflict resolution that vary across ontological and methodological research paradigms.

Conferences/Workshops on Campus

This program facilitates the organization of a conference or workshop on campus related to research being conducted by Faculty members.

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