Leadership training

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During the forum, participants will gain leadership and interpersonal skills and knowledge. They will also develop the learning techniques essential to succeed in post-secondary education.

Leadership course

The Leadership Course is designed to enable youth from Caribbean, Inuit, Metis or First Nations communities across Canada to acquire the knowledge and skills to be leaders and agents of change in their community and elsewhere. Through conferences, workshops, meetings and activities, young people will experience new experiences and develop their skills through practice.

Hidden treasure of Canadian diversity

This mini-course critically examines the tensions and benefits associated with diversity of Canadian population throughout the last two centuries.

Using a sociological lens, we’ll analyze how such significant domains as politics, legislation, mass media and art were enriched by newcomers. We will also explore why social inequality persists in Canada and examine such concepts as ethnic, religious and cultural identity, racism, equity, and social justice. A special focus will be devoted to Caribbean Canadians, including the history of Caribbean diaspora, its ways of integration and socio-political and cultural involvement in Canadian society.

Furthermore, a scrupulous attention will be given to the study of Indigenous ways of knowing and living and the analysis of the policies against the Indigenous population, including the establishment of the residential schools, as well as the outcomes of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. The topics of decolonization, Indigenous recovery and Indigenous communities’ engagement in environmental justice will be discussed throughout the course.

Planned elements of this mini-course include interactive case studies, group activities (debates, mock interviews, role-plays), fiction and documentary films. We will discuss effective ways of community leadership and look together for strategies to overcome existing injustice, systemic discrimination and stereotyped attitudes.


Workshops focusing on skill-building and acquiring knowledge will be offered during the week. Some workshops will pertain to the challenges faced by youth participating in the program. Other workshops will focus on skill-building covering themes such as motivation, procrastination, mental health and well-being. 


In 2019, the forum will be held in English.




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