Future Achievers International (FAI) Program

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We believe in the power of positive reinforcement. We focus on youth who are strong in academics, involved in extra-curricular activities, and who consistently meet other specified criteria until completion of high school. These we see as role models for upcoming youth.


Future Achievers will provide stimulating programming that inspires youth in their pursuit of higher education. We provide support for young role models who exemplify academic excellence and community involvement and inspire both their elders and peers.


Future Achievers envisions the possibilities youth have for impacting both their national and international communities. Through the provision of awards and scholarships our organization recognizes potential in youth – supporting them through their formative years.

Honorary Patron

Cynthia Bled

Cynthia Bled first arrived in Canada as a student in 1958. The open-door welcome she received as a newcomer, along with the varied opportunities that presented themselves from the time she first set foot in Canada, inspired her to work hard and find ways of giving back to her adopted country. Throughout her career, Mrs. Bled’s contributions were recognized through various awards and distinctions, such as the Queens Diamond Jubilee Medal, which is but one example of the numerous ways in which she’s more than fulfilled her efforts to pay back her adopted country.

Mrs. Bled’s experience as an educator is diverse. She taught at Algonquin College’s School of Business until retirement. Also, she held positions as an educator at a variety of institutions, including Concordia (Sir George Williams) University, Carleton University, and the University of Ottawa.  In addition, Mrs. Bled worked alongside the Ottawa Carleton District School Board as a school trustee for 12 years, where she held the positions of Chair and Vice/Chair of the Education Committee. As such, she influenced the educational vision that guided the future of our youths, and consequently, our cumulative futures as well.

At the local level, Mrs. Bled and her husband Mr. Yves Bled have set up education funds at Algonquin College, Carleton University and the University of Ottawa. These programs provide support to youth through a range of bursaries and scholarships. Also, because Mrs. Bled believes that music, along with dedicated commitment to the pursuit of an activity of any kind is important for the development of character, she has accordingly established a Christ Church Cathedral Fund providing support and prizes to the members of the Girls’ Choir.

In 2007, Mrs. Bled founded the Canadian Future Achievers Leadership Program. The initiative has since grown to include an international component. The objective of the Canadian and International programs is to provide positive reinforcement for youths who have been identified by their schools as being role models, and to encourage these students to maintain high expectations for themselves, to complete high school, and to master their post-secondary studies.

Mrs. Bled believes that, in this globally competitive environment, Canada’s future place will ultimately be determined by the level of realized positive aspirations and productive performance of today’s youth.  Through her focus on education, Mrs. Bled has sought to contribute to building awareness around the globalised environmental challenges that our youths are now facing as they mature.

The following quote from Mrs. Bled perhaps best encapsulates her vision of the role of education and of youth in shaping our world:

“Just as a country, at a point of time, is a reflection of decisions made by others in the past, so will the country’s future reflect the legacy of today’s youth-focussed decisions, as one generation replaces the other”.


Yves Bled

Yves Bled, now retired, has been a sessional lecturer and administrative officer at the University of Ottawa, serving as Dean of Students and later as Director of Cultural Affairs.  As such, he has been active in promoting activities that bridged relations between cultures, whether of a religious or differential ethnic nature. In this role, his linkage with countries has been well recognized and he has been invited to visit educational institutions in numerous countries.

As a cultural anthropologist, Yves Bled is pleased to provide support to Future Achievers International, thereby contributing to the personal advancement and empowerment of demonstrably ambitious youth, while firming the path for development of their community, country and the global positive linkage.

Word from the Dean

A Venture Built on Collaboration –  Word from the Dean

As Dean of the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Social Sciences, I am pleased to head into yet another year of partnership with the Future Achievers Leadership Programs which aims to encourage and reward minority youths, between the ages of 9-16 years, who demonstrate potential for positive self-fulfillment and who are committed to their communities’ sustenance and development.

The Faculty of Social Sciences is the University of Ottawa’s largest faculty. We successfully attract students, professors, researchers and donors who believe in the importance of ensuring communities’ well-being through creativity, innovation and service. As such, we are especially well placed to work alongside school teachers and councillors to help shape the leaders of tomorrow, and to promote the values of excellence, community engagement, and education.

As the University of Ottawa buttresses the Future Achievers Leadership Programs with administrative, promotional and managerial support, the founders’ vision of offering minority youths within Canada, and youths from an increasing number of countries around the world, is being realized. Year after year, more and more students are experiencing what it’s like to be part of a community that recognizes discipline, leadership and engagement.

Indeed, an increasing number of schools are participating in the Canadian Future Achievers (CFA) and Future Achievers International (FAI) programs by nominating student candidates whom they feel should be recognized for their engagement and leadership. Since the program was founded in 2007, the difference made in the lives of participants’ and, in turn, in the communities where these participants are engaged, is unquestionable.

We feel privileged to be affiliated with the CFA and FAI programs and their founders. We look forward to pursuing, our shared quest to help minority youths, in Canada and elsewhere, excel both personally and academically, as they become our world’s Future Achievers.

Marcel Merette, Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ottawa.


Do you have questions?

If you wish to nominate one of your students or to confirm his/her status, please contact us at achiever@uOttawa.ca or by phone at 613-562-5800, ext. 2663, and toll free at 1-877-868-8292, ext. 2663.

Awards and recognition

Your commitment and achievements recognized!

Nomination procedures


Consult the Future Achievers International brochure for more details about the program! 


Thank you very much! The school has received and awarded me with certificate sent by you. I also received the check. This present gave me additional stimulus and certain responsibility to continue studying on highest marks at school and also to be involved in different kind of activities.

Mary, Future Achievers International – Georgia Chapter


Dear Future Achiever:

After much deliberation, the Faculty of Social Sciences, in partnership with renowned photographer Lois Siegel, is pleased to announce the winners of the FAI Photo/Illustration contest, 2016 edition!


Third Place - Lika Samkharadze – Georgian Chapter

Second Place - Islana Nursagitova – Kazakhstan Chapter

First Place - Cathlyn Joyce DM Arcallana – Philippines Chapter


We would like to highlight the following participants with an Honorable Mention for Creativity:


Mary Julakidze – Georgia Chapter

Sofia Mikelashvili – Georgia Chapter

Levan Chikaidze – Georgia Chapter


We were pleasantly impressed by the quality and the quantity of photographs submitted. Most importantly, it was a pleasure for us to get a glimpse of your everyday lives and the important events that have had an impact on you.


Thank you for yours participation and great efforts! 


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