Canadian Future Achievers (CFA) Program

The Canadian Future Achievers Leadership Program, founded in 2008 by Professors Cynthia and Yves Bled, aims to encourage and reward minority youths, between the ages of 9-16 years, who demonstrate potential for positive self-fulfillment and who are committed to Canada’s sustenance and development. The program is specifically geared towards minority youths of First Nations, Inuit and Caribbean ancestry.

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We believe in the power of positive reinforcement. We focus on youth who are strong in academics, involved in extra-curricular activities, and who consistently meet other specified criteria until completion of high school. These we see as role models for upcoming youth.


Future Achievers will provide stimulating programming that inspires youth in their pursuit of higher education. We provide support for young role models who exemplify academic excellence and community involvement and inspire both their elders and peers.

Word from the Dean

A Venture Built on Collaboration –  Word from the Dean

As Dean of the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Social Sciences, I am pleased to head into yet another year with the Future Achievers Leadership Program, which aims to encourage and reward minority youths, between the ages of 9-16 years, who demonstrate potential for positive self-fulfillment and who are committed to their communities’ sustenance and development.

The Faculty of Social Sciences is the University of Ottawa’s largest faculty. We successfully attract students, professors, researchers and donors who believe in the importance of ensuring communities’ well-being through creativity, innovation and service. As such, we are especially well placed to work alongside school teachers and councillors to help shape the leaders of tomorrow, and to promote the values of excellence, community engagement, and education.

As the University of Ottawa buttresses the Future Achievers Leadership Programs with administrative, promotional and managerial support, the founders’ vision of offering minority youths within Canada, and youths from an increasing number of countries around the world, is being realized. Year after year, more and more students are experiencing what it’s like to be part of a community that recognizes discipline, leadership and engagement.

Indeed, an increasing number of schools are participating in the Canadian Future Achievers (CFA) and Future Achievers International (FAI) programs by nominating student candidates whom they feel should be recognized for their engagement and leadership. Since the program was founded in 2007, the difference made in the lives of participants’ and, in turn, in the communities where these participants are engaged, is unquestionable.

We feel privileged to be affiliated with the CFA and FAI programs and their founders. We look forward to pursuing, our shared quest to help minority youths, in Canada and elsewhere, excel both personally and academically, as they become our world’s Future Achievers.


Marcel Merette, Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ottawa.


Do you have questions?

If you wish to nominate one of your students or to confirm his/her status, please contact us at or by phone at 613-562-5800, ext. 2663, and toll free at 1-877-868-8292, ext. 2663.

Awards and recognition

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My participation in the Canadian Future Achievers Program has had a major impact on my life. It motivated me to do better than my best. It helped me to sustain or withstand the pressures of high school while working towards my long term goals. It has boosted my confidence and self-esteem. It helped me engage in programs and activities that I would normally shy away from. It is one of my proudest achievements to be a part of the Canadian Future Achiever Program.”

 Pearline Barrett-Fraser, Canadian Future Achiever 2008-2012

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