Thesis proposal

Thesis proposal (FEM 6997)

MA students must prepare and successfully defend their thesis proposal. For information on the expected format and content of the MA proposal, please consult the Guidelines for the preparation of the MA thesis proposal.

Throughout the preparation and submission of the thesis proposal, it is important that every step of the process be centralized at the IFGS office to ensure that all of the steps are followed.

The MA proposal defense is a formal evaluation. It is also a unique occasion for the student to receive feedback on her/his/their work by seasoned academics in her/his/their field and to reflect in situ upon the implications of the evaluators’ questions or suggestions for her-his proposed project. The atmosphere should be collegial and conducive to productive/constructive criticism and advice for the pursuit of the student’s MA work. For information on the procedures regarding the defense of the MA proposal, please consult the Procedure for the submission and defense of the thesis proposal.

If your research involves human subjects, consult the website of the Vice-President (Research).  Please note that the thesis proposal must be successfully defended before submitting to the Ethics Committee.

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