Requirement pertaining to the submission of the thesis:

A master's thesis generally consists of approximately 100 pages. The MA thesis must show that the student is able to work in a scholarly manner and is acquainted with the principal works published on the subject of the thesis. As much as possible, it should be an original contribution.

Before submitting a thesis, a candidate must have completed all other requirements of her/his/their program. A candidate must also make sure that permissions to reproduce copyright material (such as photos, images) have been obtained.

The names of two internal examiners are first proposed by the thesis supervisor to the Associate Director for her/his/their approval. The thesis supervisor shall not count as one of the examiners and shall not have the right to vote. A copy of the form entitled Nomination of Thesis Examiners should be submitted to the IFGS secretariat one month prior to the submission of the MA thesis. The IFGS secretariat will verify that the names of the internal examiners are professors with supervisory rights and then the form is sent to the FGPS for their final approval.

General information regarding the submission and defense of the thesis (uOttawa Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies)

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