Requirement pertaining to the submission of the Major Research Paper

The major research paper should be between 50 and 60 pages in length, and should not exceed 75 pages, including notes, bibliography and appendices. The MA major research paper must constitute a contribution to knowledge in feminist studies.

Before submitting a major research paper to the IFGS secretariat, a candidate must have completed all other requirements of her/his/their program.

IMPORTANT: The deadline for students submitting major research papers in any given session is by the first day of the last month of that session (i.e. the 1st of December, the 1st of April, or the 1st of August). This means that the MRP supervisor must have given her/his/their approval for the submission of the MRP to be evaluated by the second reader by the dates mentioned above.

A second reader, selected by the MRP supervisor and approved by the Associate Director upon recommendation by the supervisor, must be chosen prior to the submission of the MRP. The supervisor completes the Nomination of the MRP Second Reader form, and submits the form to the IFGS secretariat.

To submit the major research paper for evaluation, the student must provide the Operations Coordinator with  an electronic copy of the MRP paper, accompanied by the Statement of MRP Supervisor form signed by the MRP supervisor, certifying that she/he/they has read the paper and finds it acceptable for submission to the second reader.

The Operations Coordinator records the date of receipt of the major research paper on the Statement of MRP Supervisor form and forwards the major research paper and a Report of the MRP Reader form to the second reader for evaluation. The Operations Coordinator indicates the date by which the report should be completed (normally within three to four weeks of submission).

It is very important that every step of this process be centralized at the IFGS’ office in order to follow up in a timely fashion.

When the comments and the Report of the MRP Second Reader form are received from the second reader, the Operations Coordinator forwards them to the student and supervisor. The student makes the revisions requested by the second reader and resubmits the revised final copy of her MRP to her/his/their supervisor for final approval. The supervisor reads the MRP one more time.  If the MRP is accepted, the supervisor completes and signs the Final Official Submission of the MRP form and sends it to the Operations Coordinator. The Operations Coordinator, after obtaining the approval of the Associate Director, enters the final grade into the system. The major research paper is graded “S/NS” (Satisfactory/Not satisfactory).

Major Research Papers are now being submitted to the University of Ottawa Library by the IFGS secretariat. Students will be asked to prepare a cover page for their MRP similar to a thesis cover page and send a final electronic copy of their MRP to the Operations Coordinator, as well as their agreement to have the MRP submitted to the Library.  The IFGS secretariat will then send the MRP to the Library. Once a major research paper is deposited in the University Library, it becomes a public document, although copyright remains with the student.

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