Meet your Director, Professor Jamie Liew

I studied… (What? Where?)

I studied in the joint program of political science and commerce at the University of Calgary, and then moved to Ottawa to study the joint program of law and international relations at the University of Ottawa & Carleton University. After articling at a law firm in Toronto, clerking at the Federal Court of Canada, and working at the Special Court in Sierra Leone, I practised law in my own feminist legal practice for five years before obtaining my Masters in Law at Columbia University. I returned to the University of Ottawa, Faculty of Law, as a professor, specializing in immigration, citizenship and refugee law focusing on how law marginalizes racialized persons and how states use legal means to construct foreigners and stateless persons. 

The best part about my job is…

Interacting with current and former students. I recognize students come with a variety of lived experiences, prior work or volunteer experience, other degrees, and it has been a joy to collaborate with, learn from and celebrate in the accomplishments of current and former students whether at the university or as they move through their careers.  

What people don’t know about me… 

I am a fiction writer. It was a hidden passion of mine for many years and I’m excited that my debut novel DANDELION will be blooming in Spring 2022 with Arsenal Pulp Press. I truly believe that having a creative outlet is not only healthy but important and can inspire, support or feed into research that a student may be engaged in. 

My greatest inspiration is… 

My father. He was a former stateless person and his journey as a migrant to Canada has inspired my most recent research on stateless persons. I am also continually inspired by my clients in my legal practice and other migrants who advocate for themselves and who challenge our laws and administrative systems in a multitude of ways.

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