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The Department of Economics has a dynamic group of professors and graduate students who are actively engaged in research. They carry out empirical as well as theoretical research in several fields of economics, among which are development economics, environmental and resource economics, health economics, industrial organization, labour economics, macroeconomics, and political economy. Through its active series of workshops, internal and external seminars, the Department offers opportunities for professors, graduate students, and scholars from around the world to present and discuss their research ideas and findings.

World of Ideas Features

Est-il progressif de maintenir des frais de scolarité peu élevés pour l'éducation postsecondaire?

(in French) In this text, Paul Makdissi, attempts to answer the question: is maintaining low tuition fees regressive, in other word, does it increase inequalities in Quebec? Using statistical models, professor Makdissi demonstrates that the Robin Hood argument put forth by the supporters of increased tuition fees does not reflect the reality of Quebec.

Author: Paul Makdissi, Department of Economics

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