Directed Research

Directed Research Opportunities for 4th Year Students in Economics

The Directed Research Projects in Economics course, ECO 4150, offers students an opportunity to carry out an economic research project related to Canadian economic policy under the supervision of an economist working in a government department or non-profit agency. The program is offered in both the Fall and Winter semesters. The program is open to students in the Major, Honours, Joint Honours, and Honours with specialization programs in economics who have completed at least 81 credits (including ECO 2143, ECO 2145, and ECO 3150), and who have a grade point average of at least 6.0 (or B). (ECO 3151 is highly recommended as well.) Project descriptions for each semester will be posted as they become available. Proposals are posted in the language in which they were prepared. If a title appears in both official languages in the list below, that is an indication that the work can be done in either language. Interested students should submit a letter of application outlining their interests in economics and a copy of their transcript (non-official) to the Director of the program by the application deadlines indicated below. The Director would be happy to answer any questions about it.

Meet Youssef Fortin, an economics student who decided to take on this challenge.

Management of Directed Research Projects in Economics
Professor Kathleen Day
Social Sciences Building, Room 9034
Phone: 613-562-5800 ext. 1694

Directed Research Projects in Economics

Dates and Deadlines Fall 2018 Winter 2019
Submission of applications by students September 7 January 10
Sponsors and students informed about outcome of matching September 10-11 January 14-15
Student interviews with sponsors September 12-20 January 16-24
Last day for students to register in ECO 4150 September 21 January 25
University of Ottawa Reading Week October 21-27 February 17-23
University of Ottawa Easter Break   April 19-22
Classes end December 5 April 5
Final Exam Period December 7-20 April 9-26
Students submit draft to supervisors (recommendation) December 3 April 3
Students submit final draft and report to Director December 19 April 25
Supervisor submits evaluation to Director January 4 May 1
Supervisor Title
Vicky Barham Evaluation of an Experiment to Improve Retention of First-year Students in the Faculty of Social Sciences (English or French) (pdf, 81.42 KB)
Yang Yang Reviewing Water Quality Valuation Literature (English)(pdf, 17.2 KB)
Hugh Dang Economic Opportunities and Challenges from a Canada- China Free Trade Agreement in Relation to Canadian Agricultural and Agri-Food Sector (Anglais) (pdf, 96.65 KB)
Abdel Felfel Food Loss and Waste in Canada: Measurement and Reduction (English) (pdf, 79.56 KB)
Brad Little, Alexa Grieg, and Carolyn King Examining a Bulk Electricity Market in Canada – IESO or AESO (2018) (English or French) (pdf, 81.13 KB)
Brad Little, Alexa Grieg, and Carolyn King Quantifying the Incidence and Impact of Negative Pricing of Electricity (English or French) (pdf, 78.13 KB)
Heather Semotiuk and Brad Little Exploring and Quantifying Trade Flows/Value Chains of Specific Renewable Energy Components under the Environmental Goods Agreement (English or French) (pdf, 80.39 KB)
Kevin Page and Helaina Gaspard Regional Innovation in Canada and the United States (English or French) (pdf, 141.38 KB)
Nancy McKenna The Economic Impact of the CVTIP on Families and Communities (English or French) (pdf, 121.37 KB)
Jacob Schultz

Top Destination Countries for Canadians Travelling under International Experience Canada Youth Mobility Agreements: An Analysis of Youth Population, Labour Market Outcomes, and Associated Living and Travel Costs (English) (pdf, 121.9 KB)

Sameul Bonti-Ankomah, Paul Lirette, and Amanda Stamplecoskie Updating AAFC’s Vulnerability Index (English or French) (pdf, 135 KB)
Jing Zhao Economic Impact of Preclearance (English) (pdf, 127.17 KB)
Jing Zhao A Review of the Literature on the Costs and Benefits to the Users and Governments under Policies for Access to Genetic Resources and Benefit Sharing (English) (pdf, 45.47 KB)
Fall 2017
Supervisor Title
Vicky Barham Factors underlying retention rates in an undergraduate program at the University of Ottawa (English or French)
Vicky Barham Impact of International Academic Experiences on Academic Performance (English or French)
Hugh Dang Several possible topics relating to agriculture and economic development (2-3 students, English)
Madanmohan Ghosh (English)
Tara Gilkinson Influencing a Culture Shift: Behavioural Economics and International Experience Canada (English)
Christina Hackett Tracking the point prevalence of chronic conditions across Canada: Generating a database for health economic modeling (English)
Massoud Khazabi (1) Aviation Security, an Economic Literature Review (English)
Hankook Kim Impact of Clean Tech Adoption on Firm Performance (English)
Eric Madueno and Eva Audy Development Financing Tools – Review and Advice (English or French)
Jean-François Nadeau A model-based measure of fiscal sustainability : A federal perspective (English or French)
Kevin Page Nowcasting, debt management, infrastructure, … 5 or more students (English or French)
Jacob Schulz The Impact of Temporary Workers on Labour Market Displacement in Canada and an Examination of Existing Displacement Measures (English)
Andrew Sharpe A Review of the Literature on the Measurement of Intangible Capital and Its Impact on Productivity Growth (English)
Mykyta Vesselovsky Canada’s Travel Services in the Balance (English)
Brian Wallace First Nation Infrastructure (English)
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