Word from the Chair

Welcome to the Department of Economics at the University of Ottawa!  The Department is here to show you that economics is not just about interest rates and prices, or supply and demand.  While economists do have much to say about the determination of interest rates, exchange rates, and prices, they also have a great deal to contribute to discussions about climate change, pollution, health care, income inequality, economic development, volunteerism, natural resource management, corporate behaviour, and much more.

Our undergraduate programs in economics are designed to provide students with a strong foundation in the building blocks of economic theory (microeconomics and macroeconomics) and quantitative skills in the areas of mathematical economics and econometrics, as well as introducing them to the wide range of questions that economic analysis can address.  Our location in the national capital helps us to provide students who participate in the CO-OP program with a variety of excellent work terms.  Undergraduate students who are interested in research can participate in the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program, or enrol in our unique Directed Research course for fourth-year students. Graduates of our programs have found themselves well-prepared for graduate programs in economics and other fields, or employment in the public and private sectors.  All our undergraduate programs are offered in both French and English, with a French Immersion option for students wishing to develop their French language skills.

At the graduate level, we offer both M.A. and Ph.D. programs, with a CO-OP option available to qualified M.A. students.  Students in these programs can take courses in a wide variety of fields, including econometrics, economic development, economics of the environment, health economics, industrial organization, international economics, labour economics, monetary economics, and public economics.  Through the Ottawa-Carleton Graduate School of Economics (OCGSE), graduate students can interact with professors in the economics departments of both uOttawa and Carleton University.  This is an exciting time to be a graduate student at uOttawa, as the OCGSE gets underway and we continue to welcome dynamic young professors to our department!

Kathleen Day

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