Welcome to the Developmental Methodology Lab! This lab was created in 2018 under the direction of Dr. Fanny-Alexandra Guimond and is interested in the role of various socialization agents such as parents, peer, and teachers in children’s and adolescents’ psychosocial development.


  • Congratulations Dr. Fanny-Alexandra Guimond for receiving a grant of $180,000 from SSHRC for the research project titled, "Identification of parental protective factors in the parent-child transmission of body dissatisfaction: A longitudinal observational study." 
  • Congratulations to our honours thesis students Audrey St-Pierre and Karen Martinez Zarate for completing their honours thesis!
  • Congratulations Sahej Kaur for receiving the SSHRC master's award and getting accepted as a graduate student in the clinicial psychology PhD program under the supervision of Dr. Guimond! 
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