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This research seminar will welcome researchers from all disciplines to present their work as a contribution to the understanding of the contemporary Anthropocene situation. We will explore the links between urbanization and five major mutations: global warming, the biodiversity crisis, resource extinction, changes in the "metabolisms" of biotic systems, and relations to the social dimensions of urban life.

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 Examining migrant worker precarity

Seafarers in Industrial Fishing: Examining migrant worker precarity

Lecture on October 19, 2022, Bilingual


Néo-colonialisme urbain et défense du territoire maya

Urban neo-colonialism and defense of Mayan territory in the city of Mérida

Conference on April 14, 2022, French

Rolando Magana Canul will discuss how a community is mobilizing and reaffirming its Mayan identity in the face of encroachment on its collective lands generated by urban development in Merida, Yucatán, Mexico.


Colloque Anthropen

Knowledge, utopias and the production of the common

Hybrid Symposium April 7-8, 2022
(French only)

Sensitive reflection on the production of democratic and accessible knowledge, whose limits are pushed back and through which utopian projects are recognized.


 the Affective Geographies of White Supremacy

Here Comes the Horde: The Affective Geographies of White Supremacy

Conference on March 24, 2022

Gastón Gordillo will present his forthcoming book, where he analyzes the fears of incoming multitudes to reflect on the affective geographies of white supremacy and especially on the power of the racialized multitudes that challenge them in Argentina.


China: How the urban-rural divide threatens China’s rise

RCFC Conference June 3d, 2021

Scott Rozelle, Professor in International Agricultural Policy and senior fellow at the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research.


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Launch of the uOttawa-ULyon Joint Research Chair on the Urban Anthropocene

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