About the Chair

The joint research chair between the University of Ottawa and the University of Lyon is a collaboration between Vincent Mirza, Director of the Research Centre on the Future of Cities and Michel Lussault, Director of the École urbaine de Lyon.

The Chair’s program is based on the hypothesis that the generalized urbanization of the world, which has been observed since the 1950s, is the vector for accelerating the entry into the Anthropocene.

This ambitious project aims to tackle current urban and anthropogenic challenges, as well as those related to the climate emergency. It will do so using an interdisciplinary and innovative research approach, based on the co-construction of knowledge with academic and community partners, which enables the emergence of common tools and innovative solutions.

News and Events

Néo-colonialisme urbain et défense du territoire maya


Urban neo-colonialism and defense of Mayan territory in the city of Mérida

Conference on April 14, 2022, French

Rolando Magana Canul will discuss how a community is mobilizing and reaffirming its Mayan identity in the face of encroachment on its collective lands generated by urban development in Merida, Yucatán, Mexico.


Colloque hybride Anthropen


Knowledge, utopias and the production of the common

Hybrid Symposium April 7-8, 2022, French

Sensitive reflection on the production of democratic and accessible knowledge, whose limits are pushed back and through which utopian projects are recognized.



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