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Criminology Students Association (CSA)

Your Criminology Students Association (CSA) is here to help you with all of the wonderful transitions that accompany first year, as well as help guide you through your next few years here at Canada's University, University of Ottawa. Our academic coordinators can help answer your questions about which class to take, as well as guide you through your academic journey.

CSA works hard to make each academic year an unforgettable one. The team organizes fun activities for all. These events give you the opportunity to meet other people of the program and create lasting friendship.

As a whole the CSA is here for you. You can reach us by email at: or pay us a visit at our office located at the Faculty of Social Sciences, 120 University Pvt., Room 2051. Our web page is the place to find all the new events happening from Montreal Mayhem to pub-crawls and other sure to be fun times (

2017-2018 Executive Members
Title Name Email
President VACANT
Vice-President of University Affairs Mark Jenkins
Vice-President of External Affairs Ali Samhat
Vice-President of Finance

Sidra Hashmi
Vice-President of Social Affairs Carly McPhail
Vice-President of Philanthropy Cj Clarke
Vice-President Communications Anglophone Tessa Martel
Vice-President Communications Francophone Clémence Leblanc
Director of Sponsorship VACANT  
Director of Media Eric Yang
Director of Bilingualism Chelsea Wong
Director of Logistics Cam Ayres
Grade representative, 1st year VACANT  
Grade representative, 2nd year VACANT  
Grade representative, 3rd year Stefanie Levniac  
Grade representative, 4th year Juan Jimenez  
Criminology Students Association

Criminology Students Association (CSA)

Faculty of Social Sciences
120 University Pvt
Room 2051
Ottawa, Ontario, CA
K1N 6N5

Facebook Page:

Graduate Students Association
2020-2021Executive and Board Members
Title Name
President Sidra Hashmi
Vice-President Rokia Kone
Treasurer Katarina Bogosavljevic
Secretary Sidra Hashmi
Social Events Coordinator Kwasi Addo-Fening
GSAED Representative Katarina Bogosavljevic
Faculty of Social Sciences Graduate Students Committee Representative Rokia Kone
CUPE Representative Valérie Bouillon
Departmental Representative Katarina Bogosavljevic
Departmental Representative Valérie Bouillon
Translator Valérie Bouillon

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