Why study in Criminology?

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Why study in Criminology?

Few issues attract more public attention and generate more public debate than those involving crime and victimization. Unfortunately, these debates are too often based on emotion rather that on the best available information.

Criminology is the study of crime, criminalization and processes of social control. Criminology is also an applied discipline. As such, it studies interventions that help resolve conflicts and problems in society.

Through your courses, you will become acquainted with:

  • the nature and dynamics of rule-breaking
  • how norms and the concept of crime are constructed socially
  • the criminalization of various acts by society
  • how the penal justice system operates and how its operation ultimately affects society
  • new intervention methods for individuals and communities

Our overall objective is to provide students with the concepts, theories and methods necessary for a better understanding of the realities of crime and control, and with the practical skills that will allow them to participate and to, hopefully, make a difference in these areas.

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