Research at the Department of Criminology

Research at the Department

Research done at the Department of Criminology is nationally and internationally recognized for its cutting-edge approach to a variety of criminal justice issues, including crime prevention, social justice, policing, violence against women, drug policy, sex work, prisons, youth, media representations of crime, political violence, human rights, victimology and cybercrime.

Discover some of the research projects done at the Department of Criminology.

Research Initiatives

World of Ideas Features

High school success linked to student safety

In the wake of the 16th anniversary of the deadly Columbine High School shooting, criminology professor Carolyn Côté-Lussier' study suggests that high schoolers who feel less safe at school have decreased learning potential, and more socioemotional problems.

Author: Carolyn Côté-Lussier, Department of Criminology

Corps suspect, corps deviant

(in French) Bringing together many disciplines in Humanities and Social Sciences, but particularly Criminology, this collective work takes a look at multiple social constructions of the deviant body, and on the female body in particular, revealing the interaction between dominant discourses and practices on the body.

Author: Sylvie Frigon, Department of Criminology


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