What will I find in this handbook?

Welcome to graduate studies in criminology!

This guidebook aims to support you throughout the master’s and doctoral programmes.

You will find information about the Department of Criminology, its administration, as well as its personnel and their research interests.

As well, you will find information about the general administration of university students (rules, regulations, scholarships and the academic calendar).

A series of links is intended to inform you about specific resources about the programme, your activities and your development as a student (access and mentoring, student associations, professional development programmes and assistantship offers).

There is also a section which provides more information for international students.

The framework in which you will pursue your studies thus being outlined, you will finally find all the information on our master’s and doctoral programmes in criminology.

Peruse this guide, make it your reference and if you require additional details, please feel free to contact the professors responsible for graduate studies:

At the Master’s:R. Dubé : richard.dube@uOttawa.ca

At the Ph.D: S. Bittle: steven.bittle@uOttawa.ca

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