Research stream for undergraduate students

Posted on Tuesday, February 25, 2020

The Research stream in Criminology

The Research stream of the Honours program is geared towards students interested in developing research and analytical skills that are particularly valued by employers who expect criminologists to engage in the development and evaluation of social policy. These skills are also a definite asset for students who are interested in pursuing graduate studies at the Masters or Doctoral level, since they will familiarize themselves with the research interests of many professors from the department. During their 4th year, student in this stream will take part in research seminars involving small groups of maximum 20 students. In these seminars, students will have the opportunity to conduct advanced inquiry and original analysis on issues related to criminalization, crime control, social justice, inequality, marginalization, or resistance under the supervision of criminology professors working in these areas.

Admission to the Research stream is competitive and is limited to 30 students in English and 30 students in French. Students apply in their third year and must complete a minimum of 12 course units from the following list of research seminars: CRM4301, CRM4303, CRM4305, CRM4306, CRM4310, CRM4311, CRM4312, CRM4313, CRM4314, CRM4315, CRM4316, CRM4318, CRM43XX (Walls to Bridges), SCS4150, or a Field Research course. A minimum GPA of 7.0 is required to enroll in research seminars.

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