The book Une tradition et un droit mentioned at the Senate

Posted on Wednesday, April 12, 2017

At the Senate on April 6th, the Senator Claudette Tardif was keen to stress the publication of the book Une tradition et un droit: le Sénat et la représentation de la francophonie canadienne, by professors Linda Cardinal and Sébastien Grammond.

According to Hon. Claudette Tardif, « [t]he book gives an excellent overview of the key role that francophone and Acadian communities and senators from those minority groups have played in shaping our Constitution, in formulating official language legislation and, ultimately, in the evolution of our country.

The book also delves into a constitutional convention that has been in place since Confederation: appointing francophone senators from francophone communities outside Quebec. It also substantiates the Senate's two fundamental roles: representing the interests of minorities and the regions.

Honourable senators, I recommend that you read this important book if the opportunity presents itself; indeed, it fills a major gap and sheds new light on a hitherto unknown part of our parliamentary history, which is nonetheless useful in helping us to better understand this institution that we senators proudly represent and are seeking to modernize. »

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