In Memory of Melody Matte

Melody Matte

Melody was a young, beautiful, and vibrant member of the Clinical Psychology program and our research team who was taken from us in December of 2011. Melody was a beloved friend, confidante, and colleague. To say that she touched our lives in countless, treasured ways is a tremendous understatement. Her kind demeanor and bright smile were irresistible. She brought light—and life—to our everyday lives. She was a warm, gentle flame setting alight all of our lives, and now, burning forever within our hearts. Melody truly cared about everyone around her: her family, her friends, and her colleagues. We were all lucky to be colleagues and friends of Melody. We learned so much from her, and she was a great source of support for all of us. She had a beautiful work-life balance that she modelled to us. Her memory continues to provide us with comfort and direction each day. She is fiercely missed, and will never forgotten within the University of Ottawa, the Couple Research Lab, and our hearts.

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