Almost everyone has experienced anxiety. It is influenced by and can influence our thoughts, and behaviours.  This relationship may play an important role in the development and maintenance of anxiety disorders and other types of mental health problems.  The Cognition and Anxiety Studies Laboratory (CASL) is interested in exploring the relationship between thoughts, behaviours, and the emotion of anxiety across a range of domains. 

The CASL lab studies how anxiety is related to various cognitive processes, particularly memory.  We are interested in not only how anxiety influences what we remember, but also the way in which we experience those memories.  We also conduct research on how memories about anxiety provoking experiences change over time, research that may help improve current treatments for anxiety and fear-related disorders.

Our lab is also interested in studying how anxiety influences sexual responses.  In particular, we are interested in exploring the conditions under which anxiety might facilitate versus impede sexual response and behaviour.  We are particularly interested in how appraisals and interpretations of anxious bodily sensations might contribute to feelings of sexual arousal and the likelihood of engaging in risky sexual behaviour.

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