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The Chair's Vision:

  • The CN-Tellier Chair is to be a global thought leader on topics of Public Policy as it pertains to Business. This research is to be conducted both by the chairholder and their collaborators, whether at the University of Ottawa or elsewhere.
  • The CN-Tellier chair is to serve as a hub within Canada for professionals within the spheres of business and public policy to network and to discuss mutually significant issues.
  • The CN-Tellier Chair is to be a source of ideas and of public policy solutions that serve to improve the performance of businesses inside Canada and elsewhere in the world.

The Chair's Objectives:

  • The Chair encourages interdisciplinary research on current and future questions of public policy which bear on the strategic operations of businesses.
  • The Chair directs the main forum at the University of Ottawa for studying the interaction between private business and public policy.
  • The Chair seeks to raise the profile of local and global issues at the intersection of Business and Public Policy that affect firms, policymakers, politicians and their representatives, as well as the broader public; and to propose policy-based solutions to these problems, be they at the local, regional, national or international level.
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