About the Centre

The Centre for Interdisciplinary Research on Citizenship and Minorities (CIRCEM) is one of the major research centers of the Faculty of Social Sciences and the University of Ottawa. The Centre is a hub for researchers concerned with citizenship and minority issues. It has emerged as a dynamic and plural environment whose priority is to promote exchanges and interdisciplinary research within a francophone intellectual space. CIRCEM thus closely merges research and intellectual life.

The Centre carries out a number of subsidized research projects in partnership with other established chairs and research centres of national and international standing. Each of the research axes puts together its own research team that produce new data, innovative interpretations and cutting-edge analyses. Through the research and activities of its directors, CIRCEM reaches over fifty graduate students on a daily basis. The Centre also hosts guest researchers, post-doctoral fellows and doctoral interns from Canada and abroad who wish to undertake a research stay at the University of Ottawa. Its varied and stimulating activities are an important point of production and animation of intellectual life for academic circles here and elsewhere.

The Centre's mission is to favourite interdisciplinary research on democratic citizenship and minority groups through the intellectual tradition of the francophone world. 

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