Honours Students

Current 2020-2021

Valérie Lacroix

Psychological Functioning Among Men who Have Experienced Childhood Sexual Abuse


Cathy Broussard

What Mediates the Changes in Parenting Behaviours for Parents who Complete the Positive Discipline in Everyday Parenting Program?

Former Honours Thesis Students

2019– 2020

Amanda Glouchkow
Understanding Teachers’ Responses to Child Maltreatment Vignettes

Stéphanie Quinn
What Are Parents’ Experiences With the Positive Discipline in Everyday Parenting (PDEP) Program?

Jordan Snow
Male Childhood Sexual Abuse and Emotion Regulation Strategies

2018– 2019


2017 – 2018

Kelly Firth
Change of caregivers’ mental health outcomes following participation in the SafeCare® program

Émilie Frenette
Child behavioural outcomes following caregivers’ participation in the SafeCare® program

2016 – 2017

Véronique Bonneville
Childhood sexual abuse in adolescent males within child welfare: Prevalence and links with other maltreatment types and various domains of functioning

Ifanuela Soivilus
Understanding the perspectives of service managers in the implementation of a child neglect program in their child welfare agency 

Gabrielle Veilleux
Understanding knowledge and attitudes toward children's rights and attitudes towards spanking 

2015 – 2016

Stephanie Batten
Examining the youth outcome questionnaire

Karina Czechowski
How do home visitor assessments of parents' progress through a child neglect program map onto their self-reported gains

Madeline Ressel
An examination of sexual abuse characteristics and psychological functioning in a sample of young males

2014 – 2015

Mawdah Albatnuni 
Examining treatment progress and correlates among youth and families seeking psychological services

Camille Guérin-Marion
The influence of child corporal punishment on school readiness

Elizabeth St. John 
The mediating effects of self-compassion on the trauma symptoms of male survivors of childhood sexual abuse

2013 – 2014

Szewei Wong 
Psychosocial impacts of childhood polyvictimization

2011 – 2012

Michael Zoratti 
Understanding the link between child corporal punishment and child physical abuse

Kayla Mayer
What influences mothers` child care choices?

2010 – 2011

Megan Lummiss 
Trends in school readiness: An examination of correlates

Rick Norian 
Factors that impact change in opinions towards corporal punishment

Kelly Weegar 
The influence of early child care on later behavioural outcomes using a Canadian nation wide study

2009 – 2010

Mélanie Guibord
Risk and protective factors for depression and substance use in an adolescent child welfare sample

Ioanna-Ianthi Kokozaki
Expanding our understanding of the relationship between maternal mental health and child behavioural outcomes

Craig Moore
Prevalence and risk of multiple victimization among young adults

Meghan Alexander
Outcomes of multiple victimization in a nation-wide sample of adolescents            

2008 – 2009

Tessa Bell
Risk factors of multiple victimization in a national sample of adolescents

2007 – 2008

Amanda Barnes
Exploring the contexts surrounding maternal mental health and its impact on early childhood outcomes

Melissa Bourdages
Tracking attrition and its correlates in the Ottawa Study of Child Outcomes

2005 – 2006

Stacey Thornhill
Trends and predictors of childhood methylphenidate use

Stephanie Germain
Childhood behaviour problems as predictors of adolescent psychiatric disorders

2004 – 2005

Jennifer MacInnis
Development and prediction of early childhood hyperactivity

Simon Young
Developmental pathways and risk factors of early childhood inattention

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