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National Geographic (2021) 

Dr. Atance shares how parents can help their kids achieve their goals. 

Ottawa Parenting Times (2021) 

Dr. Atance speaks about the importance of routines and children's transition back to school. 

Research Perspectives

What is mental time travel and what inspired Dr. Atance to study future thinking in children?

uOttawa Gazette (2020)

Dr. Atance weighs in on how parents working from home during COVID-19 can engage with their children in a variety of fun ways to foster their development. Article (2020)

Dr. Atance is featured in an article that aims to help parents by assembling advice from child development experts on the challenges of working from home as a parent during COVID-19.

World of Ideas (2013)

Dr. Atance describes the importance of episodic future thinking in young children.

Psychology Today Article (2006)

Dr. Atance presents the results of her research about how children (and adults!) are rooted in the here and now. Suggestions for how to help children learn to think ahead are offered at the end!

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