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Shadows of 5 teens helping each other climb a mountain

The Childhood Cognition and Learning Laboratory welcomes people from all backgrounds, races, faiths, genders, body abilities, and sexual orientations and conditions. We encourage diversity and inclusion for all positions in the lab. We are also determined to foster a safe and accepting environment for all those who are interested in research, and who are seeking to learn, gain experience, and have fun!

Undergraduate Students

If you are interested in completing an Honours Thesis, UROP project or an NSERC-USRA  term in the CCLL with Dr. Atance, please email her at along with a copy of your most up to date CV, unofficial transcript, and a brief paragraph outlining your research interests.

We are currently not accepting volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering, please wait for further updates in April 2022. 

Graduate Students

Dr. Atance will be accepting applications from students who are interested in joining her lab in the 2022-2023 academic year. Detailed information regarding the graduate program is available on the School of Psychology website and the uOttawa Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies website . If you are interested in applying, please contact Dr. Atance at

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